Excellent Free HTML CSS Pricing Table Templates

Pricing tables are an commonly used and important part for business website that want to show information about various prices for its products or services. Pricing tables entries must be chosen carefully so that visitors should get the information they would be interested in: available features, options and costs as well as refund. HTML and [...]

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10 Awesome Free Share Post Plugins for WordPress

There are many tools and techniques that keep visitors on the site. One of those techniques is to list the popular posts at the end of the article. If your website have great content and solves the problem of the visitor, then he/she would easily stick with your website in the long run. In this [...]

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17 Good Free Download Threaded Comments Themes for WordPress

Single level commenting allows a reader to post a comment to a post. Threaded commenting allows a reader to reply to other reader comments on that post. WordPress Themes Directory has put the pedal to the metal and released a ton of new and exciting WordPress themes for all kinds of niches. In our today’s [...]

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12 Cool WordPress Form Generator Widgets for Free Download

A WordPress form is an essential part of any website. If you want your readers and visitors to be able to get in touch, whether to give feedback, ask about your products, or hire you for your services. If you want your users to contact you with feedback, advertising offer or for other reason the [...]

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A Collection of Premium Flat Design WordPress Themes

Flat designs are everywhere from flat design elements like flat buttons, to a whole flat UI set. The emphasis of Flat designs is specially on the simplicity of shapes and typography. The overall aesthetic and eye catching structure of these designs can be very useful in websites for getting good permanent returning visits. In this [...]

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How Important is Social Media Marketing?

In the past, well, certainly 10 years ago, if you wanted an online presence you built a website. Social networks were present but in there infancy and their usage was primarily for personal purposes and the demographic reflected that. The popularity of social networks such as MySpace and Facebook in its early stages was primarily [...]

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Setting Up Your Design Studio

When you hear the word “studio,” you might think of a recording studio or even an artist’s studio. You might not think about it with regards to WordPress design and client work. That, however, is exactly what you’re building when you set up your work space! Thinking of your home office (or rented office space) [...]

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13 Most Useful Free Custom Post Plugins for WordPress

The internet is an amazing tool that provides anyone the means to grow their business and career in a meaningful way. One of the main goals of any blogger is to keep the visitors on your blog for as long as possible. And one of the best ways to do that is to show them [...]

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15 Well Designed Blue Website Design Inspiration 2015

Blue is a primary color, it is usually associated with concepts and emotions such as depth and professionalism. Blue is a popular color in web designs. Its symbol and meaning ranges from optimism and new opportunities to strength, vigor and trustworthiness. It’s also a great choice in web design, even if you use it only [...]

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The Smart Way to Choose Graphic Design Software to Grow Your Business

A woodworker does not have a single set of tools. A painter does not have a single set of colors. And a graphic designer does not have a single set of software. Creative Suites Some people believe that a certain type of software is the best one. Others believe that a certain brand will work better. These decisions [...]

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