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Ultimate List of Electrifying iOS 7 UI Kits

Apple has undergone a major makeover to its iOS user interface and app designs with a flatter look, more transparency and animations. When iOS7 was first released there was a lot of arguing about the new flatter design, while most people loved it there were just as many who hated it and swore they would [...]

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How To Create The Perfect Promotional Sticker Design

I believe that stickers are one of the most underutilized marketing tactics in the offline print world. These days, more businesses than ever are choosing to market their companies online and many have forgotten just how powerful sticker printing can be for their businesses (so long as you hire the right sticker printing company of [...]

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15 Most Creative Flat UI Kits To Download

Flat design is a graphic design style that puts the product and content first. This minimal approach removes unnecessary details in an interface and boils the design down to the core functionality. User Interface kits are very popular these days. They will reduce the amount of time and effort to complete your ongoing project. Today, [...]

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Excellent List of Bottle Logo Designs

A logo is among the most vital mental visuals in people’s minds which they can easily remember about your company. Here, in this article I have compiled a list of some amazing bottle inspired logos ideas for your inspiration. Bottles are utilized as a prop for prisoner interrogation as they express the thought of camaraderie. [...]

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15 Unique Laptop Shaped Logos Examples

A Logo gives a unique identity to any brand and it’s important to have a logo design that is eye catching and different. Its primary purpose is to show the qualities of the company to the target audience at their first glance. So, in our today’s post I have compiled a list of wonderful laptop [...]

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25 Inspirational Mail Logos Ideas

A logo design artist must think very creatively and allow their imagination to run wild to produce the best for a company. This visual identifier could be designed using typefaces, images or perhaps a fusion of the two. Here’s a collection of Mail themed logo designs for inspiration. These logos all feature a mail or [...]

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18 Fantastic Gadget Business Cards Ideas

A business card is a piece of card which represents a person and his business affiliation. It is essential for every businessman as it gives important information about you to people. Business Card is normally a small piece of paper, card board, wood, metal, plastic or gadget etc bearing the professional information of the individual [...]

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20 Cool 3 Fold Brochures Designs Inspiration

Brochure is one of the most effective tools of any advertising campaign and its always act as the face of a company because they always speak about what the company is capable of. So when a brochure is given to a client and if it is really good then the client is impressed and 50% [...]

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25+ Balloon Inspired Logo Designs

Logo design ideas are very necessary for designers to create awesome logos for employers. It can sometimes help if you have an out of the ordinary brand name or common business name. A balloon shows a sense of joy, freedom and fun that is why a balloon logo is more suitable to use in companies [...]

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15 Inspirational Food Menus Designs

Is your restaurant or cafe in need of a new and exciting menu design? Well, you have come to the right place for that! Here, in this article, I am showcasing some of the best restaurant food menu templates. You can get ideas for your next restaurant menu designing. Please share your opinion in the [...]

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