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15 Well Designed Blue Website Design Inspiration 2015

Blue is a primary color, it is usually associated with concepts and emotions such as depth and professionalism. Blue is a popular color in web designs. Its symbol and meaning ranges from optimism and new opportunities to strength, vigor and trustworthiness. It’s also a great choice in web design, even if you use it only [...]

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Fabulous Décor For Geeks

Are you related to web development or web designing in any way? Then you should know about DealFuel. DealFuel is the home for deals related to web design and development. The site brings you fantastic deals at very low prices. The products being sold (or sometimes being given away for free) are WordPress themes, developer [...]

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Hexagon Elements Using in Web Design – 10 Best Examples

We always love to follow web design trends and showcase beautiful websites for your inspiration. So, here in this post I have compiled a list of some of the best and amazing hexagon web designs examples for your inspiration. I am not sure what is the trigger for such a trend but it is definitely [...]

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How To Be A Good Designer

Designers have become increasingly important in today’s world, which is why many people have decided to take online classes, for instance classes in OLX. A designer must tick a lot of boxes before becoming a good designer. Imagination and creativity are at the top of the list. In order to stand out and beat the [...]

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Web Designing 101: Be Noticed on the World Wide Web

This post is for our readers who want to start their own personal site. Whether it is a fashion blog, an e-shop or a fan site, always remember that you’re targeting a global audience. Your site should appeal to everyone. It should have a good reader-response feature so in return you will know if you [...]

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A Roundup of Creative Engaging Error Pages

When you type in the wrong web address, you end up on a 404 page. Most companies have boring 404 pages that try to get you back the site’s main page. Popular and good looking pages will always have good 404 error pages both from creative and functional point of view. Here, in this post [...]

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Finding Inspiration for E-Commerce Website Design

If you have an online business, your website influences visitors more than you may realize. In the first few seconds of looking at your website, they will decide to continue to look around or to go elsewhere. A well designed website is important so that it captures and holds their attention. The longer they are [...]

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25 Great Single Page Website Designs

Single page websites are an awesome idea. They are easily manageable, and you can really think outside the box when designing them. People low on cash, time and content will instantly benefit from the single page trend, such sites being relatively easy to construct and manage. If designed with intense creativity, single pages feature captivating [...]

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20 Examples of Color Schemes in Web Design

Color is definitely a very important element of web design, and if you are familiar with the color theory used in visual arts. It’s important that when designer’s plan on a layout they take all aspects into consideration. Here are some of the best website’s I have picked that are all great in their own [...]

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With the Degress of Separation Getting Lesser – Cross Cultural Website Design is the Need of the Hour

Websites that cater to the needs of a specific location, region or a small audience are passé. Today, websites need to target a global audience spanning different cultures to make their mark. This article throws some light on the various ways and means to create such websites.

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