3 Ways To Get Mentally Fit Within A Week

Maybe you’re into Crossfit. Or yoga. Or Barre Method. Or weight lifting. All of these things can have positive effects on your muscles, tendons and overall physical shape, which is fantastic. But are you taking care of your mind as well, or are you just coming home each night and mindlessly scrolling through your news feed, or watching reality TV?

Here are some ways that you can quickly and easily start your mental fitness regime.

  1. Breathe – one of the things we forget to do amidst our busy days is to just breathe, not because we need to live and it’s an automatic response in our bodies, but breathe for the sake of feeling the breath. Slowly breathe in, eyes closed, hold the breath for 3 counts, then slowly breathe out. Repeat this process 3 times every few hours, or even just once a day, and you’ll be able to feel the results immediately.  You can do this any time you feel stressed or feel overwhelmed, and feel the difference right away. Talk about immediate gratification!
  2. Make an appointment with an acupuncturist in Los Angeles (or your city) – two points here, really. First, it’s likely that you’ve never tried acupuncture. Novelty is both stimulating for the brain, and refreshing. Get out of your usual routine and seek a professional to help get you into the right mindset. Second, acupuncture gives you a whole new level of zen once you walk out of the room. Sometimes, the effects won’t even hit you for a few hours, but when you’re relaxed at home, you’ll be overcome with a sense of peace and tranquility. Give acupuncture a try!
  3. Practice gratitude – this one will require the most dedication of this list, but still only takes about 5-10 minutes a day, and you should start feeling results in just a few days. Each night before you go to bed, write down 3 things that you’re grateful for. It can be small things, like your boss letting you leave 15 min early to get to your dentist appointment on time, or that the grocery store was having a sale on your favorite brand of your yogurt. Try to focus on the small things, unless you got some big news. Remind yourself how great life is, even if it’s just that the cute boy/girl that you walk by everyday smiling at you. You should be feeling happier and more attuned to the small but positive aspects of your life in no time!