3 Ways to Plan More Engaging Video Content For a Website

If you want to create engaging video content for a website, you need to start with a solid plan. In fact, it should be so thorough that you know what will be going on for every second of the video that you want to create.

While planning videos can cover numerous areas such as ideating, scripting, and storyboarding – if you want your website videos to be engaging there are a few specific ways that you should go about it:

Define a single goal and message for the video

Every piece of video content that you create should be centered on a single goal and message. That will help you to keep your video short, direct, and tightly-focused – which will make them more engaging.

By defining a goal and a message of the video right from the start, you will find it easier to plan the video. Any part of the video or line that is not a part of the core message or does not help you to achieve your goal can be removed, so that the video constantly stays on point.

Craft a strong hook into the start of the video

One area that you will want to focus on when you’re writing your video’s script is the first few seconds of video – i.e. the introduction. Ideally, you should come up with a strong hook to convince viewers that they want to stay and watch the video.

The majority of viewers will decide within 8 to 10 seconds whether want to keep watching your video content or not. To convince them to stay, you should open your video with a quick description of what it is about and how it will benefit viewers.

Try to add emotional triggers into the video

If you are able to trigger an emotional reaction in viewers – your video is more likely to be much more engaging. That is why marketing videos are constantly trying to illicit an emotional response, and it applies to website video content as well.

Try to plan and structure your video content so that it has the chance of provoking a reaction – whether it makes viewers laugh out loud, sit back and say ‘wow’, or find the outcome shocking. One way to make that easier is to plan your video as a story, so that viewers are more emotionally invested in how it turns out.

If you follow the steps above when you are planning your video, you should be able to create video content that is able to engage more viewers. After that, you can focus on recording and editing the video, and for example you could use Movavi Video Editor and the steps at https://www.movavi.com/support/how-to/how-to-trim-video.html to get started.

Although there is no surefire way to guarantee that your video content will engage every viewer that watches it, a good plan should increase your engagement levels in general. Be sure to track, evaluate, and analyze how your videos perform – and try to learn from each video that you publish to improve the next.