6 Common ICBC Insurance Claims

Auto insurance is undoubtedly a paramount requirement by the state for any driver or car owner to put their ride on the road. However, it is not a strict requirement that all drivers should carry a good, let alone a great policy. This leaves one in a tricky situation when the time comes that an auto-collision or another incident happens and they need to make claims to their insurer. Having the minimum amount of coverage may not cater to all the costs that may come about after such an incident.

While being optimistic in life is always important, you can’t rule out that the worst may happen, and this is why you’re required by the state or national authorities to possess auto insurance in the first place. And needless to mention, there are also many different types of auto insurance policies based on what they cover and how much they can cover you for. In most cases, auto insurance agents help by assessing your personal risk and determining which cover suits you best, but even then, there are certain critical factors to put into consideration when determining the kind of policy to for.

If you guessed right, one of the best ways would be to take a sneak peek into some common claims involving auto insurance that most road users find themselves dealing with. This can help you to gain insights into and understand several areas that you ramping up your insurance policy could be paramount instead of sticking with the bare minimum required kind of policy. It can also provide you with helpful information on what to do when you find yourself having to file an auto insurance claim.

Well, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a leading provider in the BC area of Canada, especially when it comes to auto insurance.

This having been said, here are 6 of the most common ICBC claims you may want to know about.

1. Injury crash claims

Accidents are obviously the most common reason one would make an insurance claim. After an accident, the costs involved can be overwhelming depending on the severity of the crash or collision. It even gets worse where there are injuries involved. In case of injury, automobile insurance covers the driver, the passengers, and sometimes pedestrians depending on the type of cover you take. However, it is not unlikely to find yourself hitting a rock when filing an ICBC claim, especially when there are injuries involved. Fortunately, you can always seek legal counsel on this and other ICBC claim and this article explains how it works. Especially if you have a higher personal risk, it is important to get the best cover possible, nonetheless depending on what you can afford.

2. Auto theft claims

Even though they might not be so common in your local area, car thefts are still common. This makes car theft claims also one of the most common ICBC insurance claims. Like with many other insurance providers, though, you will need to have a comprehensive insurance plan for you to be eligible to make such a claim. The amount of premium you pay for the comprehensive auto insurance plan may depend on various factors, including whether or not you have a secure facility for your car (garage), the level of risk in the neighborhood you live in, and whether you have car security enhancers such as anti-theft, alarms, GPS tracking or CCTV installed.

3. Glass and windshield repair claims

Sometimes you’re just parking outside the shopping mall and a branch just falls off a nearby tree and smashes your windscreen. ICBC can also pay for repairs to glass and windshield damage. However, you also need to have comprehensive auto insurance coverage for them to cover the costs.

4. Vandalism

Cases of vandalism are also common in certain areas. Some common perpetrators of vandalism acts may include gang members from certain hoods, rowdy teens, and even jealous exes. It can be really frustrating to find your cars with flat tires, scratches, dents, and abusive graffiti written all over. If you have an ICBC comprehensive insurance, you can make a claim and it will cover the costs incurred to bring your vehicle back to life.

5. Fire/Weather damage

Fires and weather conditions are also common causes of auto vehicle damage. Sometimes weather conditions become so harsh such that driving becomes more difficult and you find yourself hitting an immobile obstacle. You are eligible for ICBC claims if you hold their comprehensive or ICBC Specified Perils insurance.

6. Hit and run claims

Another motorist comes, bumps into you, and then fleet, that’s a hit and run situation. In such a case, you’re entitled to an ICBC claim of up to 200,000, which could also be split between the claimants depending on the situation at hand. In the case of injuries, you may also be entitled to several medical benefits, including hospital bills, medication, disability payment, rehabilitation, and death/funeral expenses, among others.

As you can see, there are many different types of insurance benefits that you can claim from ICBC. However, the kind of policy you hold is what will primarily determine the benefits you’re entitled to. The above are some of the commonest ICBC insurance claims anyone should know about.