Create Awesome Publications With FlippingBook

The world is changing. Earlier there was only traditional publishing where a writer needed a publisher to get his book published. Then came independent publishing which allowed writers to publish their works for themselves. Then came e-books which allowed authors to publish their work digitally.

But most digital publications follow the traditional formats like PDF, Nook or Kindle. Such formats are not as beautiful and as appealing as what FlippingBook allows you to achieve.

See the screenshot below?

This is an example of how your publication will look when you create it with FlippingBook.

The “T” at the bottom of the screen lets you select text for copy-pasting wherever you like. The four arrows allow you to view the pages in full screen mode. The lens with a plus sign allows you to enlarge pages. The right and left arrows allow you to turn the pages. This page turn feature is one of the most fascinating of all.

I think these reasons should be enough to convince you that your publication becomes “alive” with FlippingBook.

Some of the features of the software are as follows.

Can be used for educational purposes

Education nowadays is virtually not possible without the Internet. FlippingBook makes things easier for both the teachers and the students.

The teachers can import many different kinds of files into FlippingBook. They may be PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, diagrams, or images. The software will convert the files into quality magazine like look as shown above and then the teacher can share the file through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, or website with his students.

The students then can read the files into many different formats. They can choose out of a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android.

Make a publication for your brand

FlippingBook’s templates are customizable. This means you can take your brand’s publication, like your annual report, brochure, or other material, in any document type and import it into FlippingBook Publisher. Then you can replace the default background with your company’s brand name or image. You can change the skin colors to whichever you like. Edit the name of the publication. Adjust settings like adding your logo and copyright caption. You are allowed to tweak and edit every tiny detail to make the overall look of the magazine blend seamlessly with your brand.

Cloud hosting with is a service integrated with FlippingBook. This service allows you to share any publication instantly. This can be done right from the FlippingBook Publisher program menu. All FlippingBook programs come with a complimentary 200 MB of online storage space.

Many devices supported

Publications created with FlippingBook are compatible with many different devices. They have an integrated support for HTML5 standard which implies your publications can be read on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, tablets, and e-readers.

Search Engine Optimization

All publications on FlippingBook are made available for search engines including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. This implies that people searching on these engines for the relevant keywords or phrases will be able to reach to your publications online.

You can use their free trial to begin using the software. Let me know in the comments below what you think about the tool.