How to Make Your Networking More Effective (with handouts)

Today there’s a plethora of ways one can market themselves. Social media has made it easy for individuals to promote themselves and advertise their skills. However, talking to people one-on-one and meeting with like-minded individuals still remains one of the most effective networking strategies because it allows you to establish a genuine connection with someone. Networking isn’t without its challenges though and can also be difficult if you’re still a novice in your field.  Using handouts is a great way to break the ice and to start making some meaningful connections.  Here are a few ways to up your networking game with handouts. 

Die-Cut Stickers

Die cut stickers make for a perfect handout because they’re totally customize, easy to carry, and are still super fun to receive. Die-cut stickers are able to be cut to the exact shape of logos or mascots, making them a great handout that’ll stand out against all the business cards that everyone else is handing out. Best of all die-cut stickers are actually removable, so you can assure everyone you hand your stickers out to that they won’t damage their personal belongings. 


An effective handout that often gets overlooked is the simple notebook. Notebooks make for effective hangouts because not only can they be expertly branded, but are practical in many situations as well. Notebooks allow the owner to take down important information throughout the day, or can alternatively work as a catchall at trade shows for the many business cards and leaflets one will inevitably collect. Branded notebooks are still pretty inexpensive to acquire in or are also easy to DIY and brand yourself (with custom die cut stickers perhaps?).  


Magnets have become a pretty trendy handout as of late because they’re being used to decorate all kinds of magnetic surfaces and are easily removable and reappliable. Magnets can be customized in any design, graphic image, and information. So if you’ve changed business hours recently or have new contact info, a magnet is a great way to let customers know and constantly remind them. Beyond fridges magnets are becoming a trendy way to decorate appliances and vehicles, so your magnet (and your branding) are seen wherever the owner is. 

Stationery Cases

If it hasn’t become apparent by now, the most effective hangouts are ones that serve a purpose or are functional. An economic handout that will impress anyone is the classic pencil/stationery case. Stationery cases are effective because they’re easy to procure, can display all relevant contact info and branding, and are also incredibly practical. Not only are they a great way to store other tradeshow swag, but they can also act as cosmetic bags, emergency kits and charging cable organizers (which is terrific for potential clients that are travelling to see you or attend an event). 

Lip Balm

Lip balms may be tiny, but their impact can be huge. The air quality and temperature at trade shows and networking event spaces can often be unpredictable and unstable. A simple lip balm with a custom label is a handout networkers will use all day long, and in turn will constantly be reminded of your brand. Because lip balm’s aren’t disposed of immediately and last a while, they’re also a great way to network with visitors or travelers because they’re portable and always practical.