Mobile geofencing and what are its benefits

 Life is running really at a soaring pace. There are many things which demand your attention, time, and efforts. Many tacking and spying applications in the market can simplify things for you. These apps provide many features using which you can manage your work for the day well. Almost all the apps provide similar features with a slight difference. But the introduction of geofencing has revolutionized these apps. The key feature of geofencing apps is that it sends you alerts whenever the target crosses the fence. You can create a virtual geographical boundary and set anyone as the target. The app follows the target and updates you about every movement.

It is greatly useful in business and also help in monitoring children with ease and efficiency.

What is geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing is an application that is often included in the operating system. You can also download it as an app on your mobile phone. The application utilizes the built-in GPS on your device to detect its location and present it on the map. You can set the fencing area by naming your house, street, or any other area. With a combination of boundary and location settings, the app detects a user and initiates an action. This action can be a notification, alert, setting update, reminder, or a message. For instance, you can set the boundary around a grocery to remind you to buy your kid’s favorite snack.

How to use geofencing?

You can use geofencing in a variety of ways. Its most popular use is to protect children from going too far while playing. You can set up a fence around your house, playground, school, or a relative’s place. Any time your child goes out or is taken out of this virtual boundary, you will be notified to take necessary action. It can also be used to put location-based reminders and many other business-related tasks.

Benefits of geo-fencing

You can restrict your employees to take office devices at home or stay in the office for a stipulated duration. Geo-fencing can be used for monitoring, safety, security, and management purposes. The technique has endless potential and assists in widespread activities. Here are some broad areas where you can use geofencing.

  • Fleet management

This is one of the least known or thought of the benefit of geofencing. It makes the management way more easily, confidently and accurately. You can set up a fence along the right path of the truck. As GPS tells the present location, geofencing will tell you whenever the driver goes out of the path.

  • HR management

HR managers are doing a lot more work than what they earlier used to do. Geofencing can help them track the employees who tend to leave the office early or come late. You can also make sure that a fired employee does not take the companies cell phone with him.

  • Law enforcement

Geofencing is also helpful in enforcing the law in many cases. For instance, some people are on house arrest or on parole. You can use fencing to monitor their location and movements.

  • Parenting

This is the most popular and most apparent benefit or application of geofencing. You can be confident when your children are playing in the park or are coming back from school.