The Professional Website Creator for Web Designers – Webydo

In any web development project coding is often the most tiring and time consuming job. In fact 70% of the expenditure on a given web design project goes straight to writing the code. Imagine a scenario where you can get rid of coding and only focus on designing your site. Yes, you might have already come across a number of website builders that offer you this solution. But the fact is most of them offer amateur results. No wonder less than 3% of websites are built using such site builders while the rest depend on designing and coding them. What if you there was a site builder that could be used by professional web designers to serve their clients?

Yes, there is such a professional website builder and people know it by the name of Webydo. It is WYSIWYG platform specifically aimed at the professionals and allows designers to serve their clients without writing a single line of code. You can focus all your attention towards the design and whatever you put in the canvas would be converted into a fully functional HTML website that complies with the latest standards set by W3C.

Design Management System

Designing a website is as much about doing the basics right as it is about experimenting with your creativity. As a tool Webydo won’t limit your creativity and would help stay ahead of the competition. The Design Management System comes with a drag-and-drop editor allowing insertion of any kind of element you need in the website and achieve pixel perfect design. The Photoshop like tools make it easy for any designer to quickly get accustomed to this new tool. The best part in all of this is that you won’t need to worry about the coding at all as Webydo’s patent pending tool will convert them into HTML and CSS in no time and you are ready to go live with the site.

Content Management System (CMS)

This professional website creator has an integrated CMS allowing you to easily change, delete or update any content element on your website. The WYSIWYG editor ensures that anyone with basic computer skills would be able to make changes to the website. This allows you to preview the canvas and how the site will look.  In addition, you will be able to lock design elements so that when clients enter the site to make changes on their own, they will tamper with the hard work you put into the project. Webydo also allows you to optimize the site for the search engines both at basic and advanced levels and also keep track of the site’s performance with the help of analytic tools.

Integrated Hosting

Hosting is always on the back of your mind when designing a website. With Webydo you will be able to take care of all the hosting related issues without any coding skills. Here there is nothing to be set up and neither do you need to be FTPs and servers. Webydo offers you an integrated hosting solution where you will be able to host your site either on its sub-domain or a custom domain of your choice. You will also enjoy Webydo’s rock solid servers that ensure you the best up time on a premier cloud hosting solution. It also offers features such as Content Delivery Networks that speeds up your site’s response time and Automatic Backups that safeguards your site incase anything goes wrong with the site.

Pricing Plans

Webydo has been priced competitively considering the features that the platform offers. There is a ‘Free’ plan where you will be able to use Webydo’s sub-domain and can create up to 15 pages with it. Under this plan you also enjoy unlimited bandwidth and 1GB of storage.  Then there is the ‘Premium’ plan that entitles you to your own domain, 2GB storage space, unlimited download and unlimited number of pages. You have the option to pay annually or semiannually.

Webydo is differentiating itself by providing the Photoshop like design features, professional palate of elements and their intuitive CMS & DMS platforms. Plus, keeping in the professional features, designers can “Bill their clients” right from the platform and use the “Build Your Brand” to create professionally branded invoices and CMS.

Join the designers worldwide and vote on what features should be added next in their Participate page. Webydo is by designers, for designers and it is your voice that will shape this powerful website creator.