WordPress and a Website Builder – Why is this No Contradiction?

When it comes to creating a website, some people are going to look at WordPress it as simply a blog building tool for people who do not want to spend money on a larger, more expensive service. While WordPress did originally start out as an open source method for creating blogs, it has since evolved into a complete website building platform that can compete with other offerings out there. Due to this, there really is no contradiction when comparing a WordPress building option with another website building program or online builder, such as Weebly, Squarespace or 1and1.

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WordPress vs Website Builders

While both WordPress and other websites builders are available for producing and building a website, there are a few differences that are important to understand. The aspect that really sets WordPress apart from the other online building platforms is the fact that a designer is able to both build the website online, through the given host service, or actually download applications in order to build the website offline. This, generally, is not the case with a standard online website builder. Most website builders, such as Weebly, Flix, 1and1 or Squarespace, require a user to log onto their account and built the website while connected to the server. WordPress provides the available applications on WordPress.org so they do not need to remain connected to the Internet. This way, a user can continue building their website while no Internet connection is present, which for many, especially those who travel for work, is a desirable bonus.

WordPress vs Software

There are many web designers out there who prefer to build a website through the utilization of a program title. This program title works offline and then, once complete, is uploaded to a host. Adobe Dreamweaver is a popular title, although there are many others out there. These titles give complete control over every single function and design of a website. For someone who wants complete control and the ability to go in and manipulate just about everything, this is helpful, but it also requires an incredible amount of knowledge regarding coding. Website builders rely more on drag and drop features and, while easy to use, are much more limited in design features. Design software opens up the world to design features, but does come with a higher learning curve. Despite providing complete control though, a software user must still select a desired server and host location, then integrate their website to the host. WordPress already has the host built right in, so this is not required at all. WordPress basically mixes the best of both Website builders and software into one service.

WordPress as a Web Builder

The main reasoning behind WordPress and a Web building not being a contradiction is because a user is able to create a website from the ground up and do all of the same features someone might with any other building platform. A designer is able to both create a traditional blog, informational website or Web store, just like someone might with a program or website builder. Due to this, describing WordPress as a web builder is not a contradiction at all and is an actual truth more than anything else. Previously, when WordPress first hit the market, this might have been more accurate, due to it starting out as just a blog based application, but that is no longer the case. With the help of WordPress, a designer no longer needs to use either a software or a website builder. They essentially have the power of both when using just WordPress