Design your website: Tips to build the best image for your online business

Being a business owner implies lots of responsibilities and constant research about market trends and tips for improving your sales and potential clients. When you own a business, the most important part is informing the audience about what your company offers. The advantage of living in a digital world provides you multiple opportunities to promote your business and sell your goods and services because information can reach a big range of clients in a short time.

E-commerce is an important part of the global retail scheme, and the number of people who choose to buy online keeps climbing every year. In 2020, the number of digital buyers increased, with over 2 billion people purchasing goods and services online. Also, during the same year, e-retail sales exceeded $4.2 trillion all over the world. A thing is sure: a website where you present and sell services and products is the best tool to enlarge your customer base. Building one is essential if you want to keep in touch with the online communities and increase your earnings.

To create a great user experience, make sure you choose the best design for your website. If you don’t have the required knowledge to build a website, hire a designer. The first impression matters, and a web designer can help you create the perfect aesthetical website by using numerous visual design elements, such as graphics, photos, text or animation. Your customers will appreciate the visual impact and continue to check your products or services.

Whether you choose to build your business’ website alone or hire a web designer, here are some helpful tips elements to build a website that draws clients’ attention:

Know your audience

One of the most important decisions you have to make when starting a business is choosing your niche. Setting an audience and understanding the target market will ease the communication with customers, allowing you to improve your products and services according to their needs and requests. Also, knowing your customers can give you great hints for designing the best design for your business’ website.

Following your audience’s online activity and attitude will give you the best idea of improving or building the website design. Here are some suggestions for knowing better your target customers:

  • Use surveys: Surveys are the best tool to identify your clients’ needs because by using them, you can get specific answers regarding products, services or marketing companies. Add them to your website and watch how your customers help you improve your business.
  • Keep an eye on competitors’ websites: analyze how competitors’ websites are built. Pay attention to colors, animations, style and features and add some of them to your website. Customers scan the whole content first, and if they identify familiar elements, it’s more likely to continue checking your website.
  • Add a feedback section: feedback is essential to improve your clients’ online experience. A comment section allows customers to express their impressions. Whether there are negative or positive comments, consider each of them because the audience knows better what they need from your website.

Build a mobile-friendly version

Smartphones have become essential tools for people. Whether you watch a video, listen to a podcast, pay your bills or search for a new wardrobe, everything happens online, and scrolling helps you fulfill all your tasks quickly.

Building a mobile-friendly website is vital for your business development because it can be easily used and accessed anywhere and anytime. For example, imagine you are on your lunch break, and you remember you forgot to buy a present for your friend’s birthday. The first thing you do is open your smartphone and start scrolling on fashion websites.

A mobile-friendly version allows your customer to find faster a solution to their problem. The size of the device screen changes how a page is displayed and arranged, so keeping the site optimized and responsive is essential for a better user experience. A mobile-friendly website includes ditching Ads and Pop-ups, a simple design, buttons that fit the screen’s size and larger font sizes.

Focus on imagery

Images speak for your business. People are attracted by aesthetic content, and a good marketing strategy for your business should include high-quality pictures and attractive design. Your website interface offers a positive first impression and creates a pleasant visual environment for customers.

The best way to promote your products and services is to use descriptions and beautiful images that capture clients’ attention. For example, if you sell sleepwear clothing and introduce a new collection of women’s bamboo pajamas, some professional photoshoots will increase your website traffic. Add good quality images for each pajama model and use a custom font for the descriptions section.

Make images the focal point of your website. For example, you can choose the most representative photo for your pajama collection and make it larger on the screen. Don’t forget to add the “Buy now” buttons; they are great for engaging customers in the buying process.

Create a clear and simple website user interface

When clients choose to access a website, they expect to find clear and simple designs that ease their searching and buying process. A few seconds is enough for scanning a website so make sure your customers can easily find what they need.

Action buttons are essential so try to focus attention on the main button and then add secondary ones on the home page. Placing action buttons this way helps customers to access faster information about your business, buying process and different categories of products or services. Some standard buttons for business’ websites are Home, About us and Products/Services.

Also, provide a clear and consistent design because familiarity helps clients identify faster what they need. Knowing the basic website design makes the searching process easier for clients, and every new color or graphic will add value to their user experience.

Whether you want to build a website for your new business or transform your current site, don’t hesitate. To better connect with your target audience, remember to always improve your website’s content, so keep an eye on customers’ suggestions and fix the design when needed.