Some Mistakes That Must Be Avoided When Creating A Logo

A designer has experience in creating company images and knows how to best fit various colors and elements. All designers! Including those working on luxury watches such as Breitling Bentley or Tag Heuer Formula. However, creativity is not always at the highest level and creative blockages can occur.

This article intends to tell (or remember) which mistakes to avoid when creating a new logo!

Don’t make a scalable logo

You must create a type logo that can be used in several formats and in different sizes, so it is very important that your logo can be improved or reduced without losing readability and quality. The best program to achieve this is (Adobe Illustrator) because it allows to work logos through vectors and therefore guarantees scalability. To achieve this goal one must look for designs that are concise and without too many complicated details that will be lost on a smaller scale.

Use slightly contrasting colors

When we develop a logo, we must focus on readability because that will be one of the main reasons for the logo’s impact on the observer. An error is to use yellow in white because our eyes have difficulty seeing the boundaries between each other and therefore legibility is lost. When you need to use yellow over white, you should look for dark yellow to increase the contrast level. The contrast between the colors of the logo itself is also very important clearly and we must avoid using colors that interact well.

Don’t do research

Before starting to create a new logo, the designer must look for all the information about the company / project. You must remember that a logo is never an isolated element and will be close to other graphic elements. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to everything that already exists to create harmony and homogeneity.

In this study, one of the most important things for a graphic designer is to keep getting the latest information because every day thousands of logos are created and you have to save some originality.

Don’t interact with customers

The designer is a specialist in logo creation and there is no doubt about it. However, the logo must meet customer expectations, otherwise criticism will arise! Listen to customers and try to understand the ideas he has in mind for the logo. Suggest changes that you think are necessary but always remember that clients are people who will live with a logo and therefore must be a job that pleases you.

We must remember that most customers are not in the context of graphic design and we must act as consultants and provide some kind of training so there are no misunderstandings regarding file types, colors etc. We can use here superficial keywords that are always true by the customer!

Don’t analyze your competition

Before starting a job, you must research the field of company or project activities. You should always look at the designs that are in this area so that you do not run the risk of doing something that is totally incompatible with what already exists and cannot create a logo that is very similar to something that has been presented.

There are two perspectives here, wrong one who values ‚Äč‚Äčoriginality because it limits from competition and another that respects “graphic status quo” and tries to integrate logos in the business context in which they are included.