22 Most Wanted Free Vintage Brushes Sets for Photoshop

Vintage designs has gotten very popular over the past years, and it seems the trend keeps on going. This can be achieved by using using elements in your designs that appear to be from decades ago, and when done well can create a mood for your web design that will leave a lasting impressions on visitors.

Today’s post, we have shown you the 22 fresh and free collection of vintage photoshop brush sets. These vintage brush will surely save your time creating your web designs, graphics, poster designs and other design projects. Of course, you may think of new ways to utilize these brushes!. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. Feel free to browse through the entire collection.

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1. Vintage


2. Old Post Card Brush Set

Old Post Card Brush Set

3. Vintage Script Brush Sampler

Vintage Script Brush Sampler

4. Old Paper Brushes IV

Old Paper Brushes IV

5. Vintage Grunge Brushes

Vintage Grunge Brushes

6. Vintage Brushes

Vintage Brushes

7. Vintage Clocks PS Brush Sample

Vintage Clocks PS Brush Sample

8. Vintage Medical Brushes Set 1

Vintage Medical Brushes Set 1

9. Vintage Style Bike Brush

Vintage Style Bike brush

10. Vintage 2 Brushes

Vintage 2 Brushes

11. Vintage Collage

Vintage Collage

12. Skeleton Keys Brushes

Skeleton Keys Brushes

13. Victorian Brushes by Diamara

Victorian Brushes by Diamara

14. Vintage Cards and Tags

Vintage Cards and Tags

15. Vintage Couple Display Poster

Vintage Couple Display Poster

16. 1920s Sport Photoshop Brushes

1920s Sport Photoshop Brushes

17. 12 Vintage Cycle PS Brushes

12 Vintage Cycle PS Brushes

18. Random Vintage Brushes

Random Vintage Brushes

19. Elegant Twilight Brushes

Elegant Twilight Brushes

20. Old Paper Brushes V

Old Paper Brushes V

21. Retro style car Brushes

Retro style car Brushes

22. 14 Vintage Nautical Brushes

14 Vintage Nautical Brushes