25 Most Wanted Free Grunge Textures

The textures of some objects can be particularly challenging due to movement, fine detail or their ethereal quality. There is a general concept that Grunge designs are automatically identical to dirty where it is not correct. We’ve compiled a list of 25 free grunge texture backgrounds that will really look great on your websites. Feel free to browse through the entire collection.

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1. Brown Grunge Texture

Brown Grunge Texture

2. Seamless Natural Grunge Textures

Seamless Natural Grunge Textures

3. Coffee Stains Texture

Coffee Stains Texture

4. Vintage Grunge Texture

Vintage Grunge Texture

5. Natural Grunge Textures

Natural Grunge Textures

6. Grunge Texture

Grunge Texture

7. Blue grunge texture

Blue grunge texture

8. Webtreats 8 Grunge Textures

Webtreats 8 Grunge Textures

9. Grunge texture III

Grunge texture III

10. Texture patched wall

Texture patched wall

11. Paper Texture

Paper Texture

12. Paper Grunge

Paper Grunge

13. New Grunge Textures

New Grunge Textures

14. Grunge Background v2

Grunge Background v2

15. Paper Grunge 4

Paper Grunge 4

16. Grunge Texture 01

Grunge Texture 01

17. Spotted Aqua Paper Grunge

Spotted Aqua Paper Grunge

18. Grunge wall

grunge wall

19. Grunge metal

grunge metal

20. Texture – dirty metal

Texture - dirty metal

21. Grunge Texture I

Grunge Texture I

22. Light Grunge Texture

Light Grunge Texture

23. Lavender grunge texture

lavender grunge texture

24. Free Grunge Texture

Free Grunge Texture

25. Coloured Grunge Texture

Coloured Grunge Texture