25 Most Wanted High Quality Free Folder Icon Sets

One of the usual items we see in computers are Folder icons where files are kept and saved. These icons, though small and seem irrelevant, plays an important role for computer-users everywhere. In this post, we have collected 25 creative free folder icon Sets. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. Feel free to share your opinion with us and let us know which one is your favorite!

1. Folder Icon

Folder Icon

2. Folder Icon 2

Folder Icon 2

3. Developer Folder

Developer Folder

4. Leopard Folder Replacements

Leopard Folder Replacements

5. Color Folder Icons And PNGs MS

Color Folder Icons And PNGs MS

6. Heroes Folder Dock Icons

Heroes Folder Dock Icons

7. PhotoGraphic Folder Icons

PhotoGraphic Folder Icons

8. Simple Folder SVG Icon Set

Simple Folder SVG Icon Set

9. Blood Folder Set IV

Blood Folder Set IV

10. Elastic Folder Set

Elastic Folder Set

11. Alumin Folder Set

Alumin Folder set

12. Classic Folder Icon

Classic Folder Icon

13. Free Folder Icon

Free Folder Icon

14. Windows 7 Folder Icons

Windows 7 Folder Icons

15. Folder Replacement

Folder Replacement

16. Classy Folder Icons

Classy Folder Icons

17. Black Generic Folder

Black Generic Folder

18. Cryonic Folder

Cryonic Folder

19. Designer Folder Set

Designer Folder Set

20. Folder iconset

Folder iconset

21. Aquave Metal

Aquave Metal

22. Face to Face

Face to Face

23. Folder like MacBook for win

Folder like MacBook for win

24. Broken Agua for iColor Folder

Broken Agua for iColor Folder

25. Dock Folder Icons

Dock Folder Icons