25 Outclass Graffiti Wallpapers for Your Desktop

Graffiti art is probably one of the most controversial art forms. It dated back in ancient times and still existed in the modern days such as ours. The birth of this artistic expression is mistakenly credited to the hip-hop culture but actually, it has existed since ancient times in some European empires.

Today we put together a collection of graffiti wallpapers for our readers to use to decorate their backgrounds. we give you the option to indulge yourself into this very noticeable artistry as we bring it right to your PC. If you like these graffiti wallpapers then we will expect you to share your comments with us. Check them out and enjoy.

1. 3d Graffiti – Razer Wallpaper

3d Graffiti - Razer Wallpaper

2. Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti wallpaper

3. Fairly Odd Parents Wallpaper

Fairly Odd Parents Wallpaper

4. Gigabyte Overclocking Wallpaper

Gigabyte Overclocking Wallpaper

5. Graffiti on Khaki Window

Graffiti on Khaki Window

6. Black Dragon Wallpaper

Black Dragon Wallpaper

7. Terminate Gigabyte Wallpaper

Terminate Gigabyte Wallpaper

8. Graffiti Girl

Graffiti Girl

9. Vectorial Graffiti

Vectorial Graffiti

10. Metra Gigabyte Wallpaper

Metra Gigabyte Wallpaper

11. Freedom Graffiti

Freedom Graffiti

12. Steelers Graffiti Wallpaper

Steelers Graffiti Wallpaper

13. Graffiti Wallpaper by MAC Morrison

Graffiti Wallpaper by MAC Morrison

14. Steampunk – Welcome to The Steam Age

Steampunk - welcome to the steam age

15. Graffiti Wallpaper by Nitevortex

Graffiti Wallpaper by Nitevortex

16. Graffiti by Charles/law

Graffiti by Charles/law

17. Design based on motorcycle

Design Based on Motorcycle

18. Creative Tempest Wallpaper

Creative Tempest Wallpaper

19. Graffiti Wallpaper by !Spike455

Graffiti Wallpaper by !Spike455

20. 3d graffiti – Logitech

3d graffiti - Logitech

21. Photonics Graffiti Wallpaper

Photonics Graffiti Wallpaper

22. Alexusfx Graffiti

Alexusfx Graffiti

23. Writing in Light

Writing in Light

24. Motegi Racing Wallpaper

Motegi Racing Wallpaper

25. Skeme


We hope that you will like this outstanding graffiti wallpapers showcase. Feel free to share your comments with us.