30 Inspirational Free Carpet Textures for Photoshop

Texture describes the tactile quality of a form. Accurate rendering of an object’s texture is the key to very realistic drawing. Carpets of different textures, shapes and sizes have been overlooked by many graphic and interior designers especially when they are creating a realistic model or design of an office or interior.

In today’s post, we have mind blowing collection of carpet textures which can be downloaded for free. We hope you will enjoyed this wonderful showcase. Feel free to share your opinion with us and let us know which one is your favorite. Please read the license agreements carefully before using. The license can change from time to time.


1. Carpet


2. Carpet Texture

carpet texture

3. Carpet Texture by Livingtheliminal

Carpet Texture by Livingtheliminal

4. Seamless Carpet Texture

Seamless Carpet Texture

5. Pink Carpet

Pink Carpet

6. Untitled


7. Carpet by NilNilNil

Carpet by NilNilNil

8. Carpet by Erikorama

Carpet by Erikorama

9. Shag Carpet by ReiRei44

Shag Carpet by ReiRei44

10. Rough Rust Colored Carpet

Rough Rust Colored Carpet

11. Carpet Texture by Orangen-Stock

Carpet Texture by Orangen-Stock

12. Texture by Mr. Zak

Texture by Mr. Zak

13. Carpet Texture by Hikarixxkh

Carpet Texture by Hikarixxkh

14. My Carpet

My Carpet

15. Red Flying Carpet

Red Flying Carpet

16. Carpet Textures by Orangen Stock

Carpet Textures by Orangen Stock

17. Carpet by Nelson Minar

Carpet by Nelson Minar

18. Tan Carpet

Tan Carpet

19. My Carpet by Cal KT

My Carpet by Cal KT

20. High Quality Carpet Revision

High Quality Carpet Revision

21. Terminal Carpet

Terminal Carpet

22. Carpet Texture by Aimi-Stock

Carpet Texture by Aimi-Stock

23. A Mandala From a Magic Carpet

A Mandala From a Magic Carpet

24. My Groovy 60s Shag Carpet

My Groovy 60s Shag Carpet

25. Oriental Carpet Texture

Oriental Carpet Texture

26. Red Carpet

Red Carpet

27. Rusty Fabric Texture

Rusty Fabric Texture

28. Red Texture by Pollon82

red texture by Pollon82

29. Carpet Texture by Fontplaydotcom

Carpet Texture by Fontplaydotcom

30. Carpet by Dr Druids Stock

Carpet by Dr Druids Stock