33 Eye Catching Fountain Wallpapers for Your Desktop

A fountain is a piece of architecture which pours water into a basin or jets it into the air either to supply drinking water or for decorative or dramatic effect. Gardens and Parks to top it all. They come in different designs or style and would also vary in its light effects which sends passersby or visitors in awe and even make them happy. Today we show you some Mind-blowing fountain wallpapers for your desktop. Enjoy!

1. Blue Fountain – Wallpaper

Blue Fountain - Wallpaper

2. Blue Fountain

Blue Fountain

3. Fountains of Gold

Fountains of Gold

4. Union Station Fountain

Union Station Fountain

5. Fountains by WolfyWitch

Fountains by WolfyWitch

6. Fountains by Night

Fountains by Night

7. Bellagio Fountains 2

Bellagio Fountains 2

8. Fountain and Palm Trees

Fountain and Palm Trees

9. Fountains of Julia

Fountains of Julia

10. Trafalgar Square at Night

Trafalgar Square at Night

11. Fountains I by Sunny-McAzn

Fountains I by Sunny-McAzn

12. The Fountain

The Fountain

13. Foutain


14. Fountains of Bellagio

Fountains of Bellagio

15. Foutains by Yardley

Foutains by Yardley

16. More Fountains

More Fountains

17. The Fountain by ex-sitacoes

The Fountain by ex-sitacoes

18. Fountain in Infrared

Fountain in infrared

19. Fountain by Theajstarr

Fountain by Theajstarr

20. Fountain Downtown Belleville illinois

Fountain Downtown Belleville illinois

21. Summer Fountain

Summer Fountain

22. Fountain and Boats

Fountain and Boats

23. Fountain by Jaklaski

Fountain by Jaklaski

24. Fountain by Eurodrifter

Fountain by Eurodrifter

25. Fountain Study

Fountain Study

26. Fountain by Ahisgett

Fountain by Ahisgett

27. Fountain by Tinz2008

Fountain by Tinz2008

28. Fountain by rao_anirudh

Fountain by rao_anirudh

29. The Fountain by kantellis

The Fountain by kantellis

30. Fountain At Night

Fountain At Night

31. Fountain by Faiz-photo

Fountain by Faiz-photo

32. Fountains of Light

Fountains of Light

33. Fountain by OinkyOwen

Fountain by OinkyOwen