Codelobster – Favorite Tool for True Web Master

As web master, you need full and clear source code editor necessarily for convenient process of web site creation. There is many different paid solutions suitable for this purpose, but we would like to point out one free product, which at the same time is simple and very powerful – Codelobster PHP Edition.

Let us list some key features and functionality of the IDE:

  • Code highlighting depending on code type, while mixed code is also supported, so that you can distinguish HTML, PHP and JavaScript pieces within one file. You can also choose different color schemes including popular IDE’s color schemes.

  • HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript autocomplete function includes HTML5 and CSS3 syntaxes. In addition, PHP parser offers you full list of existing methods in your project and offers you it in a pop-up window in correct places of code.

  • HTML and CSS inspector works the way Firebug does. It handles easily matching the selected page element with its markup and style.

  • IDE provides context help for all the languages supported. It can be accessed by pressing F1 when focused on tag, function of some attribute.

  • Gradually execution of PHP code with strict control of variable values is provided with the help of built-in PHP debugger.

  • Full-featured database management is implemented in SQL manager, which allows you to control DB assets – full CRUD for table structures and records, data export, queries execution, etc.

  • FTP is also supported, what gives you full access to your remote files.

  • IDE can be installed in portable mode that can greatly increase you mobility.

  • And many other minor, but still important features, like highlighting of pair tags, blocking the selection, code collapsing, individual panels for project structure and file manager, browser preview, bookmarks, hot links to function description and linked files (with CTRL pressed) and all the other common features of similar code editors and IDEs.

You can also connect additional plugins to ease your work with popular frameworks, libraries and CMS:

  • CMS: Drupal, Joomla

  • PHP frameworks: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii

  • JavaScript libraly: JQuery

  • WordPress blogging platform

  • Smarty template engine