Fabulous Showcase of Free Facebook Icons

Today, I have create a list of my favorite facebook icons Each icon is considered free for personal use, but many of the packs allow them to be use for commercial use. Please check the requirements before using these icons. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. Feel free to browse through the entire collection.

1. Round Facebook Icon

Round Facebook Icon

2. Break Facebook Icon

Break Facebook Icon

3. Facebook Gift Icon

Facebook Gift Icon

4. Facebook, Monster Icon

Facebook Monster Icon

5. Jeans, Pocket Icon

Jeans Pocket Icon

6. Facebook, Talk Icon

Facebook Talk Icon

7. Drink Facebook Icon

Drink Facebook Icon

8. Hearting Social

Hearting Social

9. Calendar Facebook Icon

Calendar Facebook Icon

10. Tango Facebook Icon

Tango Facebook Icon

11. Facebook Hand Drawn Icon

Facebook Hand Drawn Icon

12. Facebook, Wood Icon

Facebook Wood Icon