New Collection of Free Bamboo Textures for Your Inspiration

Bamboo About this sound listen is a group of perennial evergreens in the true grass family Poaceae, subfamily Bambusoideae, tribe Bambuseae. Giant bamboos are the largest members of the grass family. Bamboos are some of the fastest growing plants in the world, as some species have been recorded as growing up to 100 cm (39 in) within a 24 hour period due to a unique rhizome-dependent system.

In today’s post, we have mind blowing collection of bamboo textures which can be downloaded for free. We hope you will enjoyed this wonderful showcase. Feel so free to check out this collection you might make use in your future projects. Please read the license agreements carefully before using. The license can change from time to time.

1. Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fence


2. Square Japanese Bamboo Textures

square japanese bamboo textures


3. Bamboo Green

Bamboo Green


4. Bamboo Texture

Bamboo Texture


5. Dark Bamboo

Dark Bamboo


6. Free Bamboo Texture

Free Bamboo Texture


7. Bamboo Texture by ppdigital

Bamboo Texture by ppdigital


8. Amazing Bamboo Texture

Amazing Bamboo Texture


9. Texture Bamboo Wall

Texture Bamboo Wall


10. Bamboo Closeup Wood Texture

Bamboo Closeup Wood Texture


11. Woven Bamboo Texture

Woven Bamboo Texture


12. Bamboo



14. Bamboo Texture by Chibi-chan88

Bamboo Texture by Chibi-chan88


15. Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Fencing in a Garden


16. Fresh Green Bamboo

Fresh Green Bamboo


17. Bamboo Wall

Bamboo Wall


18. Bamboo by byte

Bamboo Free Texture


19. Bamboo Carpet Tiled

Bamboo Carpet Tiled


20. Bamboo by Launceston lad

Bamboo by Launceston lad


21. Bamboo Texture Stock

Bamboo Texture Stock


22. Bamboo Texture Free

Bamboo Texture Free


23. High Quality Bamboo Texture

High Quality Bamboo Texture

Textures has already played a big part in designs particularly web designs. These textures can surely provide the perfect effects for your projects. We hope you will enjoy this beautiful showcase.