20 Must Have Free Retro and Vintage Fonts

Fonts are very useful resources for web designers and graphic artists. A Vintage or retro style design is meant to transport it’s audience decades into the past. The most recent and the popular design trend are the retro styled fonts or elements. These fonts are ideal for creating that vintage feel in your work.

In this post, I’ve rounded up 20 excellent vintage and retro fonts that you can use in your designs. The retro and vintage fonts are inspired by the cool 60s, the 70s, the 80s and other bygone eras. If you have any addition to these retro font collection, I’m inviting you to write them down below in the comment section.

More free fonts collection:

1. UglyQua


2. SecesjaPL Font

SecesjaPL Font

3. Parisian Font

Parisian Font

4. Ranger


5. Airstream


6. White Rabbit

White Rabbit

7. Bellerose


8. Bazar, Medium

Bazar, Medium

9. Studebaker


10. Star Avenue

Star Avenue

11. Cameo Appearance Font

Cameo Appearance Font

12. Say it fat

Say it fat

13. Deftone Stylus

Deftone Stylus

14. Romantiques


15. Embossed Black

Embossed Black

16. Ballpark


17. Matchbook Typefaces

Matchbook Typefaces

18. Bender


19. Little Lord Fontleroy

Little Lord Fontleroy

20. Nashville Font

Nashville Font

I’m hoping that you found at least one new font to add to your collection. Let the rest of us know in the comment section below. Thanks!

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