Showcase of High Quality Free Sport Icons for Designers

Sport Icons is a collection of well-crafted colorful icons representing different kinds of sport. Today, I have create a list of my favorite sport icons. Each icon is unique and conveys not only a symbol of a particular kind of sport, but also emphasizes its peculiarity in high-colors and details. Please check the requirements before using these icons. We hope you will enjoy this wonderful showcase. Feel free to browse through the entire collection.

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1. Sport Football Player Male Light Icon

Sport Football Player Male Light Icon

2. Boxing


3. Wrestler Female Light Icon

Wrestler Female Light Icon

4. Basketball


5. Sport bowling Icon

Sport bowling Icon

6. Football


7. Sport javelin Icon

Sport javelin Icon

8. Tennis icon

Tennis icon

9. Sport Pool Cue Icon

Sport Pool Cue Icon

10. Bike, Sport icon

Bike, Sport icon

11. World Golf Tour 1 Icon

World Golf Tour 1 Icon

12. Sport track Icon

Sport track Icon

13. Formula 1

Formula 1

14. Football Ball Icon

Football Ball Icon

15. Athletics Icon

Athletics Icon

16. Soccer shoe grass Icon

Soccer shoe grass Icon

17. Weightlifting Icon

Weightlifting Icon

18. Triathlon Icon

Triathlon Icon

19. Archery Icon

Archery Icon

20. Field hockey Icon

Field hockey Icon

21. Gymnastics artistic Icon

Gymnastics artistic Icon

22. Rowing Icon

Rowing Icon

23. Shooting Icon

Shooting Icon

24. Table tenis Icon

Table tenis Icon

25. Nordic combined Icon

Nordic combined Icon