25 Superb Free USB Icons Packs

An icon is a graphical symbol which can be installed on an internet site, mobile phone or computer’s desktop. Modifying the icons on our desktop computer is among the simplest means to make our computer uniquely ours and it is as simple as a couple of clicks of the mouse. This is effective for Quicklaunch USB workspace as well as for those who carries all of their important applications with them on a keychain USB drive.

Here, in this post I have compiled a list of best free USB icons in different colors and size. These usb icons will make your usb drives easier to identify. I hope that you will take time to browse this list. You may want to take a look at the following related articles: free sport icons, free folder icons and free facebook icons.

1. Mac USB Icons

Mac USB Icons

2. Cruzer USB Drive Icons

Cruzer USB Drive Icons

3. USB Stick

USB Stick

4. USB Icon

USB Icon

5. Beautiful USB Flash Drive

Beautiful USB Flash Drive

6. Jaku USB

Jaku USB

7. Free USB Icon

Free USB Icon

8. iPhone USB Cable

iPhone USB Cable

9. USB Prober

USB Prober

10. Tango USB Flash

Tango USB Flash

11. LG USB Drive Icon

LG USB Drive Icon

12. Cruzer Crossfire USB Icons

Cruzer Crossfire USB Icons

13. Mac USB Drives Multiple Colors

Mac USB Drives Multiple Colors

14. USB Flash Drive Icons

USB Flash Drive Icons

15. USB Stick Icon

USB Stick Icon

16. USB Drive Icon – 7 Color Version

USB Drive Icon - 7 Color Version

17. SanDisk Cruzer Slice USB-Stick

SanDisk Cruzer Slice USB-Stick

18. Cruzer Micro Icon

Cruzer Micro Icon

19. Free USB Icon for Download

Free USB Icon for Download

20. Sharkoon USB Flexi-Drive

Sharkoon USB Flexi-Drive

21. Cool Usb Stick Icon

Cool Usb Stick Icon

22. Wonderful USB Stick

Wonderful USB Stick

23. Usbiana


24. Super Talent Pico-C Icon

Super Talent Pico-C Icon

25. Corsair Flash Voyager Icon

Corsair Flash Voyager Icon

While compiling this list, it’s always a possibility that I missed some other great resources. Feel free to share it with us.