20 High Quality Abstract Art Wallpaper for Desktop

As the internet speed is advancing and monitor screen resolution designers are using heavy nad large backgrounds in thier designs keeping in mind. Abstract wallpaper is a class of its own since the message that it conveys on its visual representations is somewhat vague, hidden or simply imperceptible. We tend to ask ourselves the question, what things or objects are present, or what they are intend for.

Here, we have collected 20 high-quality examples of abstract wallpaper for your desktop. Hopefully, everybody will find something interesting to spice up his or her desktop. Feel free to browse through the entire collection and download your favorite wallpaper. Please read the license agreements carefully before using. The license can change from time to time.

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6. Colorsplash


7. Abstract background wallpaper

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8. Beautiful Floral Wallpaper

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9. Abstract Geometric Background

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11. Abstract by Skyler817

Abstract by Skyler817

12. Best Solaar Wallpaper

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13. Abstract wallpaper by Anderson Smith 2010

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14. The Nexus – Abstract Wallpaper

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15. HD Glacialis Wallpaper

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16. Bicycle


17. Black Abstract Background

Black Abstract

18. Abstract Wallpaper for Widescreen

Abstract Wallpaper for Widescreen

19.  Abstract Art Desktop Wallpaper

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20. Rainbow Drip Abstract HD Wallpaper

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We hope that you will like this wonderful showcase of abstract wallpaper. Feel free to share your comments with us.