10 Best Tools For Twitter Analytics And Stats

Twitter is more than just a social network website for modern business sector. Companies belonging to diverse industries use this platform to promote their products or services. Being a unique and vastly spread network, twitter enables the entrepreneurs to its targeted set of buyers, customers or users through Promotional tweets, marketing campaigns for twitter and other feeds for this swiftly growing social networking hub.

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But for ensuring superior results through online twitter marketing it is very crucial to implement powerful tactics. The performance of your marketing campaigns running on twitter depends upon the performance and relevance of topics chosen by you for tweeting about your business. Here comes the role of Twitter analytics tools, which are specially meant to examine excellence of your twitter marketing tactics to enable you with a way forward. This assists you to plan and implement rigorous business promotion concepts. These tools are responsible to analyze your twitter stats such as tweets, followers and their locations, re-tweet and also offer badges and widgets to add on your company blog pages.

These analytic tools are designed on robust software programming and are innovative enough to offer you with complete insight of your current marketing status and options of growth. These tools are very popular among marketers and most of them are available on internet platform for free. Following are major ten twitter analytics and stats tools rated amongst the best by top notch users.


Hootsuite is excellently designed software, which is perfect to meet the expectations of impulsive digital marketers. In this software a wide range of intelligent and quick analytics tools are provided which offer the users with option of analyzing twitter stats through the usage of Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and customer URLs etc.


This is very famous twitter analytics tool offering graphical representation to the users. These graphs are drawn for every day average visitors, replies on tweets and re-tweets and regular visitors etc. This tool also serve you with the information of most active twitter tools used in a day.


For exploring the twitter stat information related to specific Twitter user this tool is perfectly suitable. Here you can get data and graphical information for popularity of tweet, re-tweets, chats, replies and highly popular subjects etc. This app also offers advanced data related to interesting data as per people in friend list including groups and professionals.


TwitterCounter is very important tool to analyze chief performance pointers. For this analysis the tool takes reference of daily twitter data including number of tweets, replies on tweets, followers and additional stats. This tool also explains the expected time it will take for you to reach the targeted customers.


This tool is dedicated to assist the marketers in exploring the influence of social media chats. This tool explains the data analysis through pie charts, which are based upon types of tweets and number of impressions on them.


Trendistic is the tool meant to keep a track on current trends on twitter. This tool collects all the tweets being posted on the twitter page and riddles terminated ones followed by compilation of remaining. This tool explains the fluctuations of twitter phrases through 24-hourly or weekly chart in complete details.

Twitter Grader

It is a simple way to analyze the influence created by your twitter profile. This is done by comparing your page with millions of other users. The process is simple and requires you to submit your username.


This tool offers information about your twitter profile stats including tweets, re-tweets, replies and count of new followers being added to the list and much more in the form of complete set of matrices. This also helps you in keeping a track of latest happening in your account.


This exclusive tool is designed to provide you with complete calculation of value of your profile on the twitter platform. This is analyzed through keeping a track of twitter stats for your profile. It also helps you in keeping a backup of your twitter account.


TwitGraph helps in analyzing your twitter account. It shows statistics about how you are using twitter. With TwitGraph you can get statistics for tweets per day, top words and top ats(the @symbol).