25 Attractive Magazine Themed Website Designs

Designing a magazine style layout is not an easy task for any web designer, as you have to put a lot of content on the page with still trying to make it look good. In web design, it is more likely important to make it look good not to mention the color you’d want it to have. It should appear organized and appealing at the same time. Hare we are presenting the 25 attractive magazine style website designs. We hope it will help you to get some inspiration for your next project.

1. San Diego Italian Festival

San Diego Italian Festival

2. Black Book Mag

Black Book Mag

3. Atari


4. JacksonVille Landing

JacksonVille Landing

5. Design Taxi

Design Taxi

6. Designer Couch

Designer Couch

7. Boxwish


8. Frieze Magazine

Frieze Magazine

9. The Post Family

The Post Family

10. One Nation Magazine

One Nation Magazine

11. The Morning News

The Morning News

12. WWD


13. New Sugar

New Sugar

14. Rua de Baixo

Rua de Baixo

15. Reform Revolution

Reform Revolution

16. Dazed Digital

Dazed Digital

17. 4Wall


18. Space Collective

Space Collective

19. Dynamit


20. People


21. Ugsmag


22. San Francisco

San Francisco

23. R FM


24. Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

25. Lushpad