35 Amazing And Creative Minimalist Print Ads

Ads can be of a variety of styles and quality. One such form is known as “Minimalist Ad”. In minimalist ads all the extra superfluous material is thrown out of the picture so that the focus is only upon the details that you want to highlight. This makes sense because suppose you are an author and you want to advertize your book then you would want your ad to contain the picture of only your book and not an entire book shelf where your book is cluttered amongst other books.

When you go to an ad agency to get your ad deigned, the good practice is to go with some preparation, with some idea of how you want your ad to look like. This will help you in two ways. One – you won’t be dissatisfied with the results as you will get what you really want. Two – the designer would not think of you as a novice and therefore it is unlikely that he will try to play tricks on you. There are surely some good ad agencies with honest workers but you see there are black sheep in all organizations.

To help you design your minimalist ad I have carefully chosen below a collection 35 creative minimalist print ads. I hope they will enrich your creativity and will help you create better ads.

1. Darts

This is an ad of Passion for details. A brand of International Watch Co. Schaffhausen.


2. CNN Turk Lightning

This ad of CNN weather report 99% accurate was done by DDB&CO. Istanbul, Turkey advertising agency.

CNN Turk Lightning

3. Globol insect spray

Death comes faster than expected.

Globol Insect Spray

4. Suavitel Goodbye Ironing

Don’t let ironing threaten your family time.

Suavitel Goodbye Ironing

5. Eqdom shoe

Enough walking? Auto loans Eqdom.

Eqdom Shoe

6. Snow white and Sherlock Holmes

Come with a story and leave with another is an ad created by an advertising agency Lowe/SSP3, Colombia.

Snow white and Sherlock Holmes

7. Bosch Electric Screwdriver

It´s faster than you think: the PSR 14,4 LI-2 cordless screwdriver.

Bosch Electric Screwdriver

8. Colgate Dental Floss

This ad was created by an advertising agency Cerebro Y&R, Panama.

Colgate Dental Floss

9. Muchimuchi Dart

This is an ad created by an advertising agency Muchimuchi, Paris, France.

Muchimuchi Dart

10. Matrix

Histories end, Bic doesn’t.


11. Lego

Lego Imagine…,this ad was created an advertising agency FCB, Johannesburg, South Africa.


12. Ace Shark

Ace Shark

13. DHL Express Elephant

No size limits is an ad created by an ad agency named Jung von Matt/Alster, which is located at Hamburg, Germany.

DHL Express Elephant

14. Faber Castle

Faber Castle

15. Faber castle True colors Shark

True colors ad was created by an ad agency Serviceplan, which is located at Munich, Germany.

Faber castle True colors Shark

16. The Star Cafe Menu

The star cafe is an ad created by an ad agency Chi&Partners London, UK.

The Star Cafe Menu

17. Rios Illustration Studio

We put anything on paper.

Rios Illustration Studio

18. Samsung Power

The new F400 with knock out power speakers.

Samsung Power

19. Sandisk

Micro 16 GB USB Flash Drive.


20. Coca-Cola Light Lemon Peel

This ad was created by an ad agency Publicis, which is located at Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Coca-Cola Light Lemon Peel

21. National University Hospital Blood Donation Centre

National University Hospital Blood Donation Centre

22. Toronto Crime Stoppers

Toronto Crime Stoppers

23. Pringles Tongue

Pringles Tongue

24. LA Bicycle Folding Bike

LA Bicycle Folding Bike

25. Orbit remote car starters

This ad was created by an advertising agency Bleublancrouge, which is located at Montreal, Canada.

Orbit Remote Car Starters

26. McDonald’s Open 24 hours

McDonald's Open 24 hours

27. FedEx Statue of Sugarloaf

This ad was created by an ad agency BBDO, which is located at New York, USA.

FedEx Statue of Sugarloaf

28. Sensodyne toothpaste Hard hat

Sensodyne Toothpaste Hard Hat

29. Triceratops

Evolution always compacts.


30. Pirelli

Power In Safe Hands.


31. University of Gent Chick

Dare to think is an ad created by advertising agency Saatchi&Saatchi, which is located at Brussels, Belgium.

University of Gent Chick

32. Haribo Bears

Haribo Bears

33. Western Union Shelter

This ad was created by an advertising agency Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi, Which is located at Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Western Union Shelter

34. Hospital Aleman Tree

The best health plan for children.

Hospital Aleman Tree

35. Alka Seltzer Mafia

This is an creation of an ad agency CLM BBDO, which is located at Paris, France.

Alka Seltzer Mafia

Which of the above you liked the most and why? What do you think of this collection? Please let me know in the comments below.