7 Excellent Wireframing Tools for Web Designers

In case you want to start a new design project, it is always a good idea to begin with a nice wireframe. The purpose of this so called wireframe is to communicate with the page layout, color, design. They can be a real saver because they will help you with major page elements like content areas, headers, footers, navigation menus and so on. The key to success here hides in the fact to know what kind of tools to use.

1. MockFlow

This tool will allow you to collaborate and design UI mockups for your websites and software and it will do it in real-time. It also has lots of integrated icons and components. Its user-friendly interface let you do everything you need to do in this process like zooming the wireframes, using Sitemap creator with interactive visualization, Master pages support, make best use of 960 grids, graphs and rulers plus tracking the design iterations by revision history facility.

2. Balsamiq Mockups

If you use this tool, you will have the feel you are drawing digital paintings because you will be able to rearrange everything and control it easily. There are more than 70 integrated controls that you can choose from. This thing lets you create better software with more focus on your project. Drawing and rearranging according to changing needs has really easier with this tool. Even web developer teams, clients and managers all can iterate on wireframes easily in a combined project before writing the actual code for it.

3. Pencil Project

This is a great and free add-on for Mozilla Firefox. The key features of it include; multi-page support of documents, built-in stencils, multiple export options. It is considered one of the best open-source GUI prototyping tools which you can use with any platform you want. You can easily install in on any platform and can use it to create great mockups before finalizing your web development projects.

4. Cacoo

Online drawing tool, Cacoo will let you create a wide variety of site maps, UML, network charts, wire frames and so on. The best thing is you can use it free of cost. It offers all kinds of basic design functionalities you need to draw maps, frames, charts and other figures you need in web development process. You can enjoy real-time collaboration in this tool by sharing your project with multiple online users who can edit it easily in real time. So it is also one of the best collaborative web design tools as well.

5. iPlotz

This tool will help you create navigable, clickable wireframes and mockups for website prototypes and different software applications. You can easily create your project here and can share with others as well. It offers you free and paid plans so it’s your choice to go for paid plan starting from $15 per month or to stay fine with free one.

6. HotGloo

This tool is entirely web-based and has lots of features. The interface is great because it is drag-and-drop and it also supports real-time collaboration. Here you will get a unique to create wireframes. It is a paid tool but don’t worry if you want to give it a try, you can do it for free. Everyone can try it for 15 days before actually paying for its paid plans starting from $14 per month.

7. Mockingbird

This is another web application focused on collaboration. It will let you link multiple mockups all together and then preview them in a great way in order to get a brief feel for your application’s flow. You can turn your ideas into mockups jus within minutes by using its drag and drop elements and can link them to add interactivity. You can also share it with others who can edit it in real time to give it a final touch.

Though the list of Wireframing tools can be very long but these seven are considered the best of all considered in creating web design wireframes. Being a web designer if you are also looking for a best web designing software then you can consider using WIX, the best site builder. Don’t know enough about the WIX? Just visit wixreview.net and see what you can do by using this fantastic webs design tool within few hours.