A Showcase of Free Leather Texture Designs

Textures are commonly used in web design because it can compose a look that roughens the sharpness and crispness of the background to make it catchy to look at. Leather texture is one that you must use in your designs or artworks if you want to exude that unique and distinctive feel reminiscent of cowboys of the wild wild west and motorcycle-riding hooligans.

Today’s post is all about leather textures that are completely free and ready for use. We’ve compiled a list of 35 free leather texture backgrounds that will really look great on your websites. We hope you will enjoy this beautiful showcase.

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1. Shiny black leather texture on a suitcase

Shiny black leather texture on a suitcase

2. 117 Leather by WCat-stock

117 Leather by WCat-stock

3. Leather Texture

Leather Texture

4. Seamless leather texture

Seamless leather texture

5. Beaten Leather Texture

Beaten Leather Texture

6. Leather Texture 2

Leather Texture 2

7. Fake Leather Texture

Fake Leather Texture

8. Texture Leather

Texture Leather

9. Seemless Tiling Blue Leather

Seemless Tiling Blue Leather

10. Leather Brown by Jaqx-textures

Leather Brown by Jaqx-textures

11. Paper Leather Texture

Paper Leather Texture

12. Leather by tmm-textures

Leather by tmm-textures

13. Webtreats White Leather Pattern

Webtreats White Leather Pattern

14. Taketone Fabric

Taketone Fabric

15. Leather Texture by Struck-Stock

Leather Texture by Struck-Stock

16. Webtreats Light Brown Leather Pattern

Webtreats Light Brown Leather Pattern

17. Worn Leather

Worn Leather

18. I Made a Leather Texture

I Made a Leather Texture

19. Leather Book Cover Texture

Leather Book Cover Texture

20. Antique Leather

Antique Leather

21. Webtreats Grey Leather Pattern

Webtreats Grey Leather Pattern

22. Brown Leather by Piximi

Brown Leather by Piximi

23. Leather Textures

Leather Textures

24. Car Board Leather Texture

Car Board Leather Texture

25. Leather Textures by bm. iPhone

Leather Textures by bm. iPhone

26. Leather Texture by Joseph-Sweet-Stock

Leather Texture by Joseph-Sweet-Stock

27. Almost Leather

Almost Leather

28. Leather Textures by BM.iphone

Leather Textures by BM.iphone

29. Leather Texture by BlokkStox

Leather Texture by BlokkStox

30. Beautiful Leather Textures

Beautiful Leather Textures

31. Leather by Penny-Stock

Leather by Penny-Stock

32. Beautiful Leather Textures

Beautiful Leather Textures

33. Black Leather by deviantlydida

Black Leather by deviantlydida

34. Leather by N-GonDesign

Leather by N-GonDesign

35. Faux leather

Faux leather