25 Amusing Penguin Logos for Inspiration

A logo is a graphical symbol created to function as a trademark of an organization. It is the first element that consumers will see every time they are searching for your business and it is the thing that will cling in the minds of consumers while they are intending to think of your business.

Today, in this post I have collected very amazing penguin logos design for your inspiration. Take a look at these creative logo designs and find your inspiration for your next logo design projects. If you like this post, share it with your friends through email and social networks.

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1. Fliggi


2. Penguin Bowling

Penguin Bowling

3. Penguins


4. The Penguin Love

The Penguin Love

5. Moscow Penguins

Moscow Penguins

6. Penguinlove


7. Fat Penguin Bakery Logo

Fat Penguin Bakery Logo

8. Penguin Dive

Penguin Dive

9. Penguin Logo

Penguin Logo

10. PenguinFitness


11. Penguin – WIP

Penguin - WIP

12. Linux4UnMe


13. Business Penguin

Business Penguin

14. Fliggi WIP

Fliggi WIP

15. Lgloten – Frozen Foods

Lgloten - Frozen Foods

16. Penguin Suit

Penguin Suit

17. Cool Penguin Logo

Cool Penguin Logo

18. Wunderburd Studio

Wunderburd Studio

19. Sushi Time

Sushi Time

20. Amazing Penguins Design

Amazing Penguins Design



22. Pingopin


23. JR Refrigeration

JR Refrigeration

24. Cold Productions

Cold Productions

25. Politically Correct

Politically Correct

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