22 Animal Inspired Nail Art Designs

Nail art has been around for thousands of years. Since the invention of nail polish and other manicuring tools in the 20th century, nail art has become more elaborate than ever. Animal print nail art designs gives a lively and feral look which are also the hottest manicure trend to add glamor to nail art fashion. Animal print is a very popular nail trend and I decided to put together a gallery of some of my favorites. Take a look at the cute, the quirky, and the incredibly unique designs that are starting beauty trends everywhere!

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1. Nigel Thornberry Nail Art

Nigel Thornberry Nail Art

2. Animal Print Nail Ideas 2013

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3. Panda Nail Art Trend

Panda Nail Art Trend

4. Animal Muppets Nail Art

Animal Muppets Nail Art

5. Sleeping Teddies Nail Art

Sleeping Teddies Nail Art

6. Pawprint Nail Art

Pawprint Nail Art

7. Cute Bunny Nail Art

Cute Bunny Nail Art

8. Animal inspired Nail Design

Animal inspired Nail Design

9. Neon Cheetah Nail Art

Neon Cheetah Nail Art

10. Nidoran Nail Design 2013

Nidoran Nail Design 2013

11. Rainbow Animal Stripe Nails

Rainbow Animal Stripe Nails

12. Cool Animal Nail Art Ideas

Cool Animal Nail Art Ideas

13. Pikachu Nail Art

Pikachu Nail Art

14. Ombre Leopard Nails

Ombre Leopard Nails

15. Peacock Feather Inspired Nails

Peacock Feather Inspired Nails

16. Pretty Kitty Nail Art

Pretty Kitty Nail Art

17. Pink Leopards

Pink Leopards

18. Girls Zebra Nail Art Style

Girls Zebra Nail Art Style

19. Soul Eater Nails

Soul Eater Nails

20. Leopard and Rose Print Nail Art

Leopard and Rose Print Nail Art

21. Owl Nail Polish Design

Owl Nail Polish Design

22. Zoo Animal Nail Art

Zoo Animal Nail Art

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