20 Awesome Funky Fonts for Free Download

The web is rich with creative and amazing fonts, and one of the most unusual source of Beautiful Fonts are those you can find on internet. Fonts & typefaces are great fun, and they can transition from being simply copy to becoming art themselves.

In today’s list of fonts I have compiled free funky fonts because I believe if you are reading this then you need to add funk in your design every now and then. I hope you enjoyed this post! Please let us know in the comment section. Also be sure to bookmark this; you never know when it’ll come in handy!

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1. Brown Bear Funk

Brown Bear Funk

2. Confetti Stream Font

Confetti Stream Font

3. Magic School

Magic School

4. Funky Deco

Funky Deco

5. KBAStitchInTime Font

KBAStitchInTime Font

6. Backslash


7. Funky Junk

Funky Junk

8. Naughty Nights

Naughty Nights

9. Spicy Rice

Spicy Rice

10. SugarCone


11. Strings and Things

Strings and Things

12. Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale

13. Ruge Boogie

Ruge Boogie

14. Janda Fabulous

Janda Fabulous

15. Larou Words

Larou Words

16. ActionIs Font

ActionIs Font

17. Twisted Brother

Twisted Brother

18. Funky Olive

Funky Olive

19. Cocktail


20. Funk


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