20 Beautiful Examples of Creative Coming Soon and Under Construction Templates

Many websites will have found themselves in a position where they are making major changes, setting up a new website with a large profile, and so on. Having a nice coming soon page will make people curious about your site. A personalized coming soon page typically has the option for the visitor to sign up for email updates, subscribe to RSS, connect with you on social media networks.

Below, we listed 20 creative under construction page templates that you can download to customize your landing page. We hope that this article, can help you run your website better. Hope you enjoy reading!

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1. Under construction twitter & animated progress

With this template you can indicate the progress of your project with the animated progress bar, show your latest Twitter posts and have a launch date for the project. You can also choose from 5 colour schemes.

Under construction twitter & animated progress


2. Launching soon under construction page

Launching Soon is an under construction template/theme or coming soon page which includes a desktop browser version as well as a mobile browser version.

Launching soon under construction page


3. Animated under construction twitter & ajax forms

With this animated template you can tell your visitors that your site is under development, let them know how far along the project is, when the project will launch and allow them contact you. You will make a great impression on visitors while your sites are in the making.

Animated under construction twitter & ajax forms


4. Vinta SS under construction page

Vinta SS is a simple one page “Under Construction” template that allows you to keep your users informed while you are building a new website. This html template will allow you to quickly and easily create a landing page on a new domain or website project that tells the visitors what is going on and when the site will be completed.

Vinta SS under construction page


5. NEOTERIC the ultimate under construction page

NEOTERIC is a clean single page “Under Construction/Coming Soon” template in 10 SKINS designed to keep your users up to date on your site’s progress.

NEOTERIC the ultimate under construction page


6. Under construction page with twitter & pie graph

Make sure your visitors know whats going on with this Under construction site template that features a feed of your latest tweets (which can be easily removed if you dont use twitter) and a pie chart that is easy to change to reflect your progress!

Under construction page with twitter & pie graph


7. Coming soon under construction 01 2 skins

This is a slick and easy to use placeholder for your website. The logo is easy to change with your own and setting up the countdown timer is a breeze.

Coming soon under construction 01 2 skins


8. Clean countdown timer construction page

This is a clean and stylish “coming soon” / “construction” template. It shows days, hours, minutes and seconds left to a specific event. Show your progress trough a progress bar and give the user feedback about the progress made.

Clean countdown timer


9. Coming soon

Coming Soon project is a under construction or under maintenance page with an admin panel to manage all your notification subcriptions. The project has two folders “cs_public” and “cs_admin”; the first one contains the public template for your visitors who can subscribe to be notified and check out latest Tweets from Twitter.

Coming soon


10. Notify me

“NotifyMe” is a very simple one page website. It comes with one HTML file, one CSS file, some images and the fully sliced PSD source file. It was designed with one of these “let me know when it is done” microsites in mind. For example for a new iPhone app, web tool, website etc.

Notify me


11. Easy Coming Soon with Pie Chart, 10 colors + Bonus

Easy Coming Soon is an easy and flexible under construction page that will easily let you define your upcoming website and represent it’s current status, supported by a nice looking easily editable pie chart, and ajaxed mailing-list form to keep your visitors up to date.

Easy coming soon with pie chart


12. Minimal coming soon

Minimal Coming Soon template is carefully designed with attention to the details. Your visitors will love it. It contains lots of features while keeping its stylish minimal look. Pick only what you want and customize it the any way you want.

Minimal coming soon


13. DICE ultimate business & portfolio WP theme

DICE is an Ultimate WordPress Theme made for your Business/Corporate website, Portfolio, Product Catalog or Blog. It’s flexible, you can customize it with the powerful admin panel, which gives total control over every major aspect of your website.

DICE ultimate business & portfolio WP theme


14. It’s coming

I’m getting a lot of users email me regarding the form, please note that this template does not include a newsletter system connected to the form, as do none of the other under construction templates on ThemeForest, this is purely a HTML /CSS template and it is your responsibility to hook the form up to a service such as mailchimp or a custom newsletter system.

It’s coming


15. Circo under construction HTML page

This HTML Page is a fixed layout. This HTML page is so simple and easy to setup for your under-construction page or Site Down page or maintenance page. This can be used for new domain to keep the under construction page and for the websites which are down for maintenance as well. Easy to use and changing fonts are also easy.

Circo under construction HTML page


16. COSoo cOming soon page template

COSoo is an Amazing Professional WooW-Look “Coming Soon/Maintenance/Under Construction” template designed for the new website when it is preparing the design and contents or for websites that are down for maintenance.

CoSoo coming soon page template


17. Clear construction

Clear Construction is a simple, elegant yet effective under construction template with a lot of jQuery goodness in it.

Clear construction


18. Under construction coming soon pages

Just because your site isn’t ready yet, that doesn’t mean your domain can’t be working for you. Whilst you’re working to get the real site up let this temporary page generate interest and keep your future users informed.

Under construction coming soon pages


19. Under Construction Page with AJAX, Twitter feed

This is powerful under construction/holding page with AJAX Newsletter Sign-up and Contact forms, Twitter feed, Countdown Timer, Progress Bar and Coda slider. This item also can be used as site down/maintenance page. The package contains HTML template and WordPress theme (with nice theme settings panel). The item is easy to setup and customize (extensive documentation is included).

Under Construction Page with AJAX


20. Chronos under construction template WP theme

It is often the case that a company has acquired desired domain name, but website itself is still under development. Times of blinking Under Construction GIF files are long gone. CHRONOS template ascends to the highest levels of handling this situation professionally.

Chronos under construction template WP theme