Create Beautiful Websites with Webydo

Want to create a website? Did someone tell you, you need a professional coder to design it for you? Stop and think again.

What actually happens is that a designer will design the site for you in say, Photoshop, and then a coder will convert it into the required code.

A research revealed that 70% of the budget of a professional web design creation process gets spent on the development of the handwritten code. This is the case if you want a quality, unique website.

Yes you can use the do it yourself, code free platforms like Weebly, Wix or Squarespace but the problem with these is they offer pre-formatted templates which won’t give a professional look to your site. Less than 3% of the websites are created using these tools, by the way.

So you don’t want to spend hefty sums on developers and you don’t want to use a pre-made template. What to do now? Webydo is your answer.

Webydo is a professional online platform that enables designers create, manage and design a complete website without writing any code.

The company’s chairman, Itai Horstock, summed it up very nicely in the following words: “Designers can do what they want [with Webydo software], without any template.  They simply ‘drag and drop,’ while the code generator is writing the code behind the scenes. A $10,000 website that took a few months to create takes just a week or less, and it costs $10 a month, including hosting. That’s a revolution.”

Some of the important features of Webydo are discussed below.

Professional tools

The design within the browser software allows you to design a website easily. It provides you full control over all design elements. You can start with a pre-designed layout to save time or if you want to design something totally different you can start with a blank canvass.

No codes

As I said earlier, Webydo’s website creator tool allows you to work without requiring any coding knowledge. You can bring any web design to life with a pixel by pixel accuracy. Webydo automatically converts your design into an updated HTML code and CMS i.e. Content Management System to present to your client.

Hundreds of fonts

Webydo hosts hundreds of free open-source fonts for you to choose from. All these fonts are optimized for the web. (Some fonts look good in books, others look nice on a webpage.) This will ensure that your website’s look and feel is nice and good.

Cross platform functionality

A website, normally, won’t look the same when viewed in different browsers. In fact there have been cases when a video which worked fine in Internet Explorer failed to load in Mozilla.

Not so for the sites designed with Webydo. The code generated by Webydo, is a cross-platform code which is regularly updated to the latest industry standards which guarantees that your site will work fine on all machines.

What do you think about Webydo? Have you ever tried such a tool before? Let me know in the comments below.