A Collection of Creative Vexel Art Illustrations

Vexel is a neologism for an entirely pixel-based form of raster art that imitates the visual appearance of vector graphics technique. In simple words, vexel is the pixel-based form of raster art. The word vexel is the combination of two words: vector and pixel. As a digital graphic style, vexels can be made in Photoshop, in vector based Illustrator and in other graphic software as well.

Here I will showcase a mind blowing Vexel illustration art for inspiration, you can put in the vexel real depth that stand out in your design is not possible to pull it off. So sit back, relax, and be prepared to be inspired. You will definitely like these articles: illustration toy designs, colossus character illustration and illustrations by Julien Tromeur.

1. Tausha Vexel


Tausha Vexel

2. Vexel Art

Vexel Art

3. Girls in my Life

Girls in my Life

4. Mustang Vexel Art

Mustang Vexel Art

5. Cool Vexel Art

Cool Vexel Art

6. The Dawn Of Venus

The Dawn Of Venus

7. Supersport 600 – Vexel

Supersport 600 - Vexel

8. Valery – Vexel Art

Valery - Vexel Art

9. Vetores


10. Emily


11. Hot Chick in Pink Bra, Vexel Art

Hot Chick in Pink Bra, Vexel Art

12. Wonderworlds


13. Lost


14. Vexels


15. Julie Black Belt

Julie Black Belt

16. Joker Vexel Art

Joker Vexel Art

17. Sorglega – Vexel Art

Sorglega - Vexel Art

18. Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press

19. Red Rose

Red Rose

20. Mac Art

Mac Art

21. Burning Water

Burning Water

22. Super GT Supra

Super GT Supra

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