The Secret of Designing Sleek, Smart and Stylish Headers for Your Websites

A ‘header’ takes up most of the space of a website- above the fold section; and can be anything describing the website such as a banner, logo, or a simple title for the web page. Since it is placed above the fold on web pages, it is the first thing visitors look at when they visit a site. Basically, it is an important element of a website, which can turn your fortunes around (either way).

Hence, you must do all it takes to make it as attractive and straightforward as possible and use it to make an impact on visitors and impress them.

Image credit: heyIndy

The Header Should Be a Piece of Art

All headers have one thing in common and that is the rectangular area in which they have to be fit into. Since web designers are no less than artists, they can use their creativity to make the best use of this rectangular space; they shouldn’t limit their thinking to that particular area, and think beyond it to create aesthetic, visually appealing headers. This helps them create a favorable impression on website visitors.

So, if you too are thinking of creating awe-inspiring headers for your websites, then it is time to move out of your comfort zone.  Here are some ideas which will help you design sleek, smart and stylish headers for your websites.

Huge Header

It is evident from this subtitle that a ‘Huge Header’ takes up most space above the fold, on a web page. On one hand this is good, because you can draw the attention of your visitors immediately and make an impact on them with an excellent header design. But on the other hand, if it appears unappealing to the visitors, they may abandon your site then and there, which will mar all your efforts. Hence, you have to be more cautious while designing such headers.

The Header as a Call-to-Action

You can use your header space to make your visitors take a call-to-action. This works best if you want to design a header for a web application in particular.  In this case, what you can do is take a screenshot of your application and place it in the header with the call-to-action button. For instance, if your web app is about an animal shelter organization, then you may place a sign-up form for the organization on the header.

Use a Character

Using a character in your header is a popular trend nowadays. This is a great idea and adds a personal touch to your website, it also helps generate interest amongst website visitors who will want to know more about the ‘character’, and in doing so, will spend more time on the website. For instance, if your website is about ‘Travel and Tourism’, you can use a Tourist Guide as the character. Or, if it is a site about ‘Food’, you can use a friendly chef on the header. Whatever you do, make sure that your target audience can relate to your characters. If the character doesn’t appeal to them, then it is simply a waste of time and header space.

In conclusion

Think of the header of your site as an important design element and use it in the best way possible. If you can impress your end-users simply by using the header itself, consider your work half done. You can go through various websites designed by some of the top designers and check out how they have designed headers for their websites.