Finding Inspiration for E-Commerce Website Design

If you have an online business, your website influences visitors more than you may realize. In the first few seconds of looking at your website, they will decide to continue to look around or to go elsewhere. A well designed website is important so that it captures and holds their attention. The longer they are exploring your website, they more likely they are to opt in and the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Opens Quickly

Consumers are impatient, so it if takes long for your website to load and open they won’t wait. Avoid adding materials that make load time slow. Otherwise, you are going to lose the interest of a large percentage of your traffic before they have even had a chance to see what you are all about.

Appealing Layout

An appealing layout is essential for website design to work. Think about the websites you visit often. What takes you to them on a regular basis? Chances are they are very sophisticated and professional in terms of how they are laid out. The eyes and the mind don’t become overwhelmed when you open a page on the site.

Use larger fonts for headlines and subheadings than for the body of your text. Aligning the text makes it easy on the eyes. Don’t cram too much onto one page or it will look jumbled. Instead, make sure you have spaces between areas of information so that the reader can identify the different sections of what you offer.

Colors and Font Size

A common mistake that you don’t want to make with e-commerce website design is using the wrong colors. Perhaps you want to use something more unique so you go with pink or yellow colors. They are very harsh on the eyes though and that distracts the reader. Avoid blue or red as background colors for your webpages. Blue is hard on the eyes and red can subconsciously tell the reader to stop. Use a font size of at least 10 or larger so that the reader doesn’t have a difficult time with the text.

Embedded Links

The use of links that are embedded in the text are appreciated by consumers, and very professional. For example, place an embedded link that they can click on to be taken to the order page. When you are explaining different features of your business, there can be links that they can click on in the text to do directly to that location.


Most consumers have grown tired of reading text all the time. They would rather have videos that they can listen to. Adding such videos to your e-commerce website is a design that will increase sales. Videos can be about anything including showing them how your product or service works. They can also be an introduction about your business or a question and answer session. Videos help with establishing trust. In turn, your target audience will be enticed to buy what you are promoting.