22 Glamour Examples of Fashion Portraits

Shooting fashion photography can be like shooting traditional portraits with traditional lighting setups. However, modifying the standard approach to portraits can add more life and interest to your shot. Here, in this post I compiled a list of very beautiful fashion portraits pictures that will inspire you. I’ve found these pictures around the web, this will hopefully introduce you to some outstanding and glamorous photography and photographers.

1. Sierra Colleen

Sierra Colleen

2. Fashion Fun in Calgary

Fashion Fun in Calgary

3. Brides & Widows

Brides & Widows

4. Bashment – Fashion Photography

Bashment - Fashion Photography

5. Fashion Portrait Picture

Fashion Portrait Picture



7. Lady in Red

Lady in Red

8. Steampunk


9. Maria


10. Lyly


11. Natalia Portrait

Natalia Portrait

12. Supremacy


13. Fashion Portrait of Beautiful Woman

Fashion Portrait of Beautiful Woman

14. Fashion Model Wearing Yellow Makeup

Fashion Model Wearing Yellow Makeup

15. Models, Fashion, Portraits, Faces

Models, Fashion, Portraits, Faces

16. Retro Color Portrait

Retro Color Portrait

17. Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time

18. Midway Night

Midway Night

19. Pin Up Doll

Pin Up Doll

20. Flower – Fashion Portrait

Flower - Fashion Portrait

21. The Lonely Clown

The Lonely Clown

22. The Flaming Shades Of Fall

The Flaming Shades Of Fall

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