How To Be A Good Designer

Designers have become increasingly important in today’s world, which is why many people have decided to take online classes, for instance classes in OLX.

A designer must tick a lot of boxes before becoming a good designer. Imagination and creativity are at the top of the list. In order to stand out and beat the competition, it is important that your work is unique, personal and original. It has to have something different, something that will define your identity and your personality.

There has to be a balance between creativity and readability. When you are designing a text, the readers are probably not going to care about the font you used, but they do expect for it to be clear and easy to understand.

The same goes for the colors we are going to use. Of course color is fun, but it can also be a powerful tool if as designers we know how to use it. We want the palette to work for us. It doesn’t matter if we want to emphasize something and make it stand out, or to trigger an emotional reaction, regardless of what we want to do, we need to make sure each color is doing its job. It is a tool the reader is not going to notice directly, but it sure is going to have an impact on your job.

Finally, know the content you are working with and find the best way to show it to the world. Check how much room you’ve got, the different sizes, colors, fonts, etc. Basically find the best way to tell your story.

Shoot for a simple design that will allow you to focus on the content, and not the form. Try to learn as much as possible about the world to have a better understanding of it. Find a personal source of inspiration and get carried away.