How to Work From Home and Look After the Children

Today, the roles that people play in their households are nowhere near as cut and dried as they were in previous generations. In the past it wasn’t considered sexist that men went out to work and women stayed at home to bring up the family but thankfully this old fashioned view is no longer held as some kind of template that everyone should adhere to.

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Not only is it now just as common for a dad to stay at home to look after the kids whilst mum goes out to work but it’s also increasingly normal for one or both parents to work from home part- or full-time.


 The internet has played a huge role in this revolution over the past decade or so and high speed connections have made it possible. With fibre optic broadband Virgin Media and other internet providers have managed to expand the services they offer, ensuring everyone has access to strong and reliable internet connections.

 Working from home doesn’t just apply to those who are self employed or running their own business though as increasingly faster internet speeds allow instant contact to be established between a remote location and an office. We are all used to the way that email, instant messaging and social media has impacted the way we communicate with each other but after decades of science fiction predictions, the age of video conferencing is finally a reality too.

 Home office

The average ‘home office’ is now probably better equipped that most multinational corporations were 20 years ago. As well as a high speed broadband connection, there are laser printers, domestic Wi-Fi networks and professional quality software at hand for home use.

 The increasing use of ‘cloud’ computing also means it is becoming the norm to use a lightweight device to store data and undertake tasks remotely, making things even more mobile. This also saves money when it comes to on-site data storage and specialist accessory units.

Don’t forget the kids

 Many people are at home during the week because they are looking after young children, so the idea of working from home follows on from that. Being able to successfully work from home and be there for your kids at the same time can be a difficult balancing act to master but if you get it right it is extremely rewarding.

 Time management is obviously the most essential part of the deal and you need to be able to set aside time for one thing or another without overlap. Having a dedicated workspace area is also important as it allows a clear delineation between one set of activities and another.