I Am Creator. Are You?

Ask any successful businessman. He will tell you no matter what your business niche is, in today’s time and age it is next to compulsory for you to have an online presence. This online presence can be achieved, of course, by having a social media profile but the biggest problem with having a social media account is that you are not in total control of your content. If Zuckerberg gets upset with any of your content at any time then he can switch off your Facebook account. A self hosted website eliminates this problem. If you own a website, you are free to do whatever you want to do in whatever way you want to do. Besides, you can also control the look and style of your website which you can’t in social media.

Creating a website broadly consists of three parts. One – get a web space. Two – Design your website and upload it on the web space. Three – Get a URL. With the advent of technology thousands of companies are providing you with these services. Out of them, our recommendation is IM Creator.

IM Creator is a website builder tool which enables you to design your website from scratch without needing even an iota of coding knowledge. Like Blogger and WordPress provide you with the facility of creating wonderful blogs without any technical knowledge, so does IM Creator enables you to create wonderful websites without any programming or coding skills. With IM Creator designing a website is just a matter of a few clicks. The drag and drop feature will allow even small children to create websites.

You can work your way out through two ways – either choose a pre-made custom design or build everything from scratch.  This latter feature is pretty new and is something not easily found on other website designing sites. You can literally build your Internet home brick by brick. See the two screenshots below to get a feel of what I mean.

In the above screenshot I have placed my text in the top left corner of the page. But suppose later on I don’t like it. I can shift it to any new position I like by dragging the text-box on the page with the help of mouse.

In the screenshot below I have shifted the text onto a new position.

At IM Creator, you will also get some web space and a domain name for free. You will only need to pay if you want to upgrade to some extra features. I deal with some of these paid features below.

Domain Name – You can buy your own standard domain. By a standard domain I mean something like www.MyWonderfulSite.com and not the free IM Creator one like i-m.co/MyName/MyWonderfulSite.com.

Unlimited Space and Unlimited Bandwidth – You can buy unlimited online space which will enable you to upload as much content as you want to your site. Unlimited bandwidth means that your website will be able to work properly no matter how much traffic comes to it.

20 Email Accounts using Google Apps – To get a professional look you need to have an email address like MyName@MyWonderfulSite.com and not something like MyName@gmail.com or MyName@Yahoo.com.

Premium Support – If in any unlikely moment you face a problem, you will get first attention from the dedicated IM Creator support panel if you are a paid member.

So go and try the site out and let me know what you think in the comments below.