22 Interesting Typography Business Cards

A business card is a must for a designer or any freelancer, well for everyone actually. Having a beautifully designed business card get have lasting effects on your business. Even for business card designs, typography or the text on your business card can be just as much a design element as the artwork itself. Having a professional looking business card inspires trust and it’s an essential marketing tool to any business.

In today’s post, I’m showcasing beautiful typography business card designs that can surely have a long lasting effect to any business. These are the typographic business cards which creatively use typography or text as the only design element. You can view the cards from their respective sources by clicking on the preview image. You may want to take a look at the following related articles on minimal business cards, red business cards and green business cards.

1. Typography Business Cards

Typography Business Cards

2. Cool Typographic Business Card

Cool Typographic Business Card

3. Vintage Typographic Business Card

Vintage Typographic Business Card



5. Chipboard Letterpress

Chipboard Letterpress

6. Edge Painted Letterpress Business Card

Edge Painted Letterpress Business Card

7. Typographic White Business Card

Typographic White Business Card

8. Kraftliner Business Cards

Kraftliner Business Cards

9. Business Cards 2012

Business Cards 2012

10. Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress Business Cards

11. Simplistic Modern Design

Simplistic Modern Design

12. Associate – Typographic Business Card

Associate - Typographic Business Card

13. The Comeback

The Comeback

14. Self Promotion

Self Promotion

15. Small Business Card

Small Business Card

16. 1 Colour Letterpress Business Card

1 Colour Letterpress Business Card

17. Laser Cut Business Card

Laser Cut Business Card

18. Amazing Typography Business Card

Amazing Typography Business Card

19. Letter-pressed Business Card

Letterpressed Business Card

20. Business Card for Psychologist

Business Card for Psychologist

21. Dry Business Card

Dry Business Card

22. Cotton Letterpress Card

Cotton Letterpress Card

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