LogoArena – Get Multiple Logo Ideas from Crowd

You can hire a professional logo designer to design a logo for your company. But the problem with this approach is that you will have only one option. It maybe the case that the designer promises unlimited revisions but still you will have only a single mind working on the project. A better option, we feel, is to go for logo design contests. In such a contest you will have to display an advertisement that you require a logo and interested designers may respond with their designs. Of course, you will have to give some details on what kind of a logo you are expecting and what is your budget. Interested designers will submit their designs and you can choose the one you like the most and pay only the designer of that respective logo with the sum you promised. This way you can have literally hundreds of designers working for you on a small budget.

But the problem is from where will you get all those designers to see your advertisement?  You should, obviously, choose a place where a good many logo designers gather. We recommend you go for LogoArena.

LogoArena is a website designed specifically for people like you who need a logo and want to run a contest for logo designs where many designers can compete. There are a number of reasons why we are recommending LogoArena which are discussed below.

1. Large number of professional designers

LogoArena hires only professional designers so rest assured that your logo’s design is in safe hands. Presently they have hundreds of designers who are ready to work on your logo.

2. Variety

No matter what your budget, you will get at least 50 submissions in your contest. This number can increase to 200 or even more if you offer a large sum to the winner. Hence you will get enough variety to choose from.

3. Ownership document

As soon as your contest is over and you have selected a winning logo, a full legal ownership document of the final logo will be handed to you. This means LogoArena will never sell the same design to anyone else.

4. Quick turnaround time

LogoArena’s contests last for 5, 7 or 10 days, exact time being decided by you. Even if you choose to run a contest for 10 days you won’t really have to wait for that long. You will start receiving submissions within a few hours of the start of your contest.

5. Unlimited revisions

Once you start receiving submissions, you can provide feedback to the designers on how you would like a particular design to be tweaked. Unlimited revisions are allowed.

6. Original concepts

The use of clip-art or image tracing is not allowed for the LogoArena designers. All submissions will be original and custom-made.

7. Money back guarantee

If you do not receive at least 50 submissions in your contest, LogoArena will refund your entire money.

If you have any doubts then go and see some logo contests that are currently being run on the website. Don’t forget to drop in a comment below telling me what do you think about LogoArena.

In the end I leave you with some images of logos designed by LogoArena designers which have been accepted by clients in the past.

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