20+ Marvelous Holiday Tattoo Designs

If your getting a tattoo on holidays its always a good idea to make your tattoo shop appointments the last thing on your list. This post consists of a variety of Halloween and Christmas tattoo design. These are scary, exceptional and attractive for both the designers and the common people. These are also motivating people how to use a variety of tattoo designs to celebrate Christmas and Halloween festival in particular as the same are contrary to normal trend of tattoo designs as per different occasions. Hope you will like these tattoos!

1. Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday

2. Grumpkin Tattoo Design

Grumpkin Tattoo Design

3. Holiday Arm Tattoo Ideas

Holiday Arm Tattoo Ideas

4. Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos

5. Halloween Kitty Tattoo

Halloween Kitty Tattoo

6. Heart Tattoo Design for Holiday 2012

Heart Tattoo Design for Holiday 2012

7. Beautiful Flower Holiday Tattoos

Beautiful Flower Holiday Tattoos

8. Darcy Nutt

Darcy Nutt

9. Yellow Submarine Tattoo

Yellow Submarine Tattoo

10. Christmas Leg Tattoo Design 2012

Christmas Leg Tattoo Design 2012

11. Marc Durrant – Pumpkins

Marc Durrant - Pumpkins

12. Ernie Alvarado Tattoo 2012-13

Ernie Alvarado Tattoo 2012-13

13. Elegant Billie Holiday Tattoos 2012

Elegant Billie Holiday Tattoos 2012

14. Halloween Cat Tattoo

Halloween Cat Tattoo

15. Sharpie Tattoo Design

Sharpie Tattoo Design

16. Henna Tribal

Henna Tribal

17. Sesshomaru Update

Sesshomaru Update

18. Halloween Tat

Halloween Tat

19. Pirate Tattoo

Pirate Tattoo

20. Peacock Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly

21. Holiday Tattoos

Holiday Tattoos

22. Chemical Romance Holiday Tattoo

Chemical Romance Holiday Tattoo

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