25+ Cool Music Notes Pictures for Your Inspiration

I’m sure you’ve seen them tens of times on Facebook, Myspace and YouTube. Music note characters are one of the most popular computer symbols that people had been texting at least since ASCII encoding was developed. The innovative music note pictures create a sense of soothing delight.

The pictures listed here are set in different innovative and interesting themes. If you put on your iPod and then view the pictures, you will surely love the collection. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on black and white photography, cool twitter backgrounds, and orange color websites designs.

1. Musical Rainbow

Musical Rainbow

2. Music Notes

Music Notes

3. Music Note Bokeh

Music Note Bokeh

4. The Music Note Gate at Minglewood Hall

The Music Note Gate at Minglewood Hall

5. Cool Music Note Picture

Cool Music Note Picture

6. 3D Colorful Music Notes

3D Colorful Music Notes

7.  Rainbow Music Eyes

Rainbow Music Eyes

8. Music by StarBoyDeath

Music by StarBoyDeath

9. Drawing Music Notes

Drawing Music Notes

10. Music Notes Tattoo

Music Notes Tattoo

11. Making Notes ii

Making Notes ii

12. Treble Music Note B

Treble Music Note B

13. Music Note Bokeh Cutout

Music Note Bokeh Cutout

14. Headphones and Music Notes

Headphones and Music Notes

15. Lost in Music

Lost in Music

16. Music Notes Background

Music Notes Background

17. Best Music Notes Photography

Best Music Notes Photography

18. See the Music

See the Music

19. Music to My Ear

Music to My Ear

20. Crazy Music

Crazy Music

21. Music Notes with Violin Key

Music Notes with Violin Key

22. True Notes

True Notes

23. RosyTunes


24. Love for Music

Love for Music

25. Sand Music Notes

Sand Music Notes

26. Rainbow Music Lips

Rainbow Music Lips

I hope you have liked best pictures of music notes. If you have any music note picture, feel free to share your comments with us.