Inspired Examples of Pizza Logo Design Ideas

To be successful with an Italian restaurant or pizzeria you need to get repeat business in your local area. A logo design is a great way to visually represent everything that is great about business. In today’s post, I’m going to share with you some of the most creative pizza logo designs that were created by brilliant logo designers around the world.

Check out this collection as it will give you inspiration for your next logo design projects. Have fun browsing! If you like our previous articles on logos as well crown logo designs, eye logo designs and hotel logo designs.

1. Smak


2. Stroller Pizza

Stroller Pizza

3. Pizza Crown

Pizza Crown

4. Rocket Pizza

Rocket Pizza

5. Large Pizza

Large Pizza

6. Mustardo Pizza

Mustardo Pizza

7. PizzaCut


8. Dodo Pizza

Dodo Pizza

9. Crust Version 3

Crust Version 3

10. America Pizza

America Pizza

11. Nino Pizza

Nino Pizza

12. Pizzeria Capricho

Pizzeria Capricho

13. Stonewalls Pizza

Stonewalls Pizza

14. Red Hot Pizza

Red Hot Pizza

15. Pizza Logo 2

Pizza Logo 2

16. Giuseppe


17. Mainly Pizza

Mainly Pizza

18. Pizza Pie Hole

Pizza Pie Hole

19. Home Run Pizzas

Home Run Pizzas

20. la pizzeria

la pizzeria

Which of these pizza logo designs do you love the most? Send to us your answers in the comment section below.