The Photos of Depositphotos

Ever wondered where does your favorite novelist gets all those beautiful book covers? Usually from a stock photo agency.

Yes of course one can hire a photographer and make a selection from his collection but this method has severe drawbacks. The most important one being that you will have little options to choose from.

On the other hand if you go for a stock photo agency you will literally have thousands of pictures to select from. A stock photo agency, as the name suggests, is a photographing company which hosts a large collection of photographs licensed for specific uses. As more and more stock photo agencies are coming into business, more and more photographers are affiliating themselves to such agencies and hence more and more people are going for stock photo agencies instead of hiring individual photographers.

As you might have guessed by now, a lot of stock photo agencies are available online. The problem is which one should you do business with? Our recommendation is

Depositphotos is a stock photo agency which contains millions of royalty-free files – photographs, vector images, videos, etc.  By “royalty-free” is meant something which can be used by the purchaser any number of times and on as many places as he or she chooses within the bounds stated by the Standard or Extended licenses.

Whether you want an image for a book-cover, a picture for your blog post, or merely a greeting card to send to your sweet-heart, Depositphotos’s stock images has all that and even more.

The website is beautifully designed having a user friendly interface.

The site is available in 14 languages. English, Dutch, French and Portuguese are only some of them.

The site is updated regularly with new images. Go and take a look at about eight million new stock images.

The price per image starts from 0.5$ for individual image purchases. Now this is one of the cheapest prices available on the internet for such high quality images. It’s not necessary that you buy bulk images. Depositphotos will still love to serve you even if you want to buy a single picture.

In case you want to buy bulk images different plans are available that can decrease the price of one image to as low as 0.10$! See the screenshot below for details.

If you are still not satisfied with the 0.10$ price amount Depositphotos has an even better option for you. This option is known as the special bloggers program.  If you own a website/blog then you (or your site’s readers) can earn a free subscription to Depositphotos’s images for a limited amount of time by the following two methods.

1) Reviewing Depositphotos on your site – If your site has a decent following then you may email Depositphotos requesting them to participate in this reviewing competition.  If they accept then you will have to write a review for the website and if that is also accepted then you will immediately earn a free subscription.

2) Running a contest on your site – If you wish to run a contest on your site, Depositphotos wishes to help you out with the prizes. You can declare a subscription to Depositphotos as a prize for the competition. Again you must contact Depositphotos and ensure whether your site is eligible.

For more details click on the link above. After visiting the site, do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below.