Three Best Highly Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

In order to run a successful website and at the same time make some money to meet the downfalls; running some ads saves up! Without earning it’s impossible to feel success coming, this is how the reality is for all the business minds. Google Adsense is the most favorite way of users to advertise and monetize their websites/blogs. It makes sense to almost everyone to use Google Adsense for letting advertisements run on their sites for earning something while progressing with their work. Unfortunately this facility does not apply on publishers of low profile and in-case they try making use of this, they can lead to a situation where their account can completely be banned.

Well, every problem comes with a solution, so does this issue. For those who want to earn a bit and cannot avail Adsense; have a way out through other mediums and alternatives. Here are the hottest three Google Adsense alternatives, written with our promotional pen.

1. Infolinks

Number one on the list as an in-text advertising platform is provided by Infolinks. This platform stands significant for any kind of publisher whether small or big and is the best alternative to Adsense. It’s one of the best ways to get advertisements displayed on your site i.e. if you have decent traffic. All it requires you to do is to get a new publisher account with Infolinks and once you acquire one, it requires you to integrate the account (with the help of 3 minutes step guide) with your site. As soon as the integration process completes, the bots start crawling the site to add matched word ads.

The tracking process provided by is simple and each and every click can be tracked, moreover the payout rates are fine. A debit card is provided by Infolinks to withdraw the amount. While you concentrate on your blog/site.

2. Clicksor

Number two is which offers a way of simply underlining selected text (clickable) or by letting targeted contextual banners get displayed on the site. It offers a number of advantages such no minimum payouts, more money through friends referral etc. The process involves applying for an account and getting Clicksor integrated, not limited to the size of publisher.

3. AdBrite

This provider believes in serving for ads and does not add automatic advertisements; instead it shows a text “Your Ads Here” which enables the advertisers to post their ads. This does involve money; users can buy the ads which they want to display on their sites/blogs, it’s more like a precautionary method of displaying ads. If you can afford to buy ads then its option might be the best for you, let your branded pens strive for success and spend some through to earn more.